Ukash pre-paid casino deposits

Ukash pre-paid casino deposits

Ukash is an online casino payment method that has become part of the Paysafecard group, after initially being bought out by Skrill. Paysafecard online casinos provide much the same service as the old Ukash, with these cards able to be bought online and via retail outlets across the globe. Our top casinos for United States with convenient gambling payment methods are:


Pre-paid services allow players to use physical cash in exchange for a voucher, code, or card number to use online. One of the best pre-paid options widely accepted by Internet gaming establishments is Ukash, which now operates under the name Paysafecard.test

Pre-paid services are a great option for those who are still hesitant when it comes to gaming online with real money. Entering financial information on the Internet can be daunting for some and when it comes to depositing at online casinos it can seem even more intimidating if it is your first time, or if you have had a bad experience at a question online casino (unlike the many we recommend).

We have all the information you need to know about this service, as well as alternative ways to use the method if the online casino doesn’t accept Ukash.

About Ukash gambling

Established in the United Kingdom in 2005 by Smart Voucher Ltd, Ukash is a pre-paid service which allows players to select an alternative payment method, instead of the common credit or debit card options which require users to enter financial information when playing online.

Ukash was initially only available in a select few countries, but it’s now recognised worldwide under the name Paysafecard, with both online and land-based outlets accepting and offering the payment method. This method is also a good option if you want to remain anonymous when funding your online casino account.

How do Ukash casino payments work?

Ukash is a 19-digit code which customers can purchase online or at outlets such as shops, petrol stations, and even selected ATMs. Once you have a code you can then use it to fund online accounts, whether it be directly funding your Internet casino account, or funding an e-wallet which can then fund your online casino account.

Every code is unique, so no two customers will have the same code and you do not need to enter any personal or financial details into the casino account if you are making a direct deposit here, when using the pre-paid service.

How to get a Ukash code?

If you don’t like entering your financial details online at all, regardless of the website, Ukash can be physically purchased. Head to the Ukash website and click on the ‘Get Ukash’ link. Here you will be able to enter your location and postcode and the site will find the nearest outlet where you can purchase the voucher. You can buy a voucher from as little as $15 to as much as $250, sometimes more depending on the outlet, but there can be fees included so be wary.

There is also a pre-paid Ukash MasterCard for regular users, which we will go into detail below. If you are using the method because there are no other methods available when funding your online casino account and you aren’t afraid of entering your financial information online, you can purchase the vouchers at various Ukash Internet outlets via a number of methods.

Ukash fees

This is probably the only drawback that we can see with using Ukash. Many other payment methods also incur a fee when depositing, however there are some that don’t. For example if you use a credit card it depends on whether or not your financial institution incurs a fee for gambling transactions, generally found under the Advance Cash Rate of your card issuer’s policy.

A lot of methods can impose a fee while Ukash is dependent on the site or place you buy it from because Ukash only has a fee when buying, not when depositing at online casinos. However, these fees aren’t incurred everywhere, so if you buy online you may be more likely to incur a fee for buying, but if you buy directly you may not. It all depends on the outlet and their policies.

How to fund your online casino account using Ukash

Making a deposit at online casinos using this payment method is easy. We have created a step by step guide to make it that little bit simpler.

  • Step 1:

Sign up to your preferred online casino. The many we recommend utilise advanced security measures to ensure your safety when playing and making deposits online.

  • Step 2:

Go to the banking page of the online casino and click on deposits.

  • Step 3:

Click Ukash as your preferred payment method. Here you will be prompted to select your Country and State, then press next.

  • Step 4:

Confirm your State once again and you will be taken to the next interface where you can enter your voucher number and how much of the voucher you wish to deposit. Then press next.

  • Step 5:

The funds will be processed quickly provided you have entered the right code and you have enough on your voucher in association to the value you entered.

What do I do if the online casino doesn’t accept Ukash?

If the online casino doesn’t accept Ukash as a payment method it doesn’t mean you can’t use it, it just means you will have to go about it in a different way.

You can use a Ukash voucher to fund an e-wallet account if you don’t want to enter your financial details online. Simply sign up for an e-wallet which the online casino accepts (Neteller is widely accepted by Internet gaming establishments and accepts Ukash), and click on the Ukash option when funding the account. Your deposit will be processed and you can then head to the online casino and choose the e-wallet option when making a deposit. It is important to note that there is a 5% fee when making a deposit using Ukash at Neteller.

MasterCard pre-paid card
If you aren’t one for the fees when making a Ukash deposit to an e-wallet then you can opt for a pre-paid MasterCard. This option allows you to make a deposit at online casinos which accept MasterCard, and there are quite a few since it is a popular payment method worldwide. There are two options for consumers to choose from, a virtual pre-paid MasterCard and a physical one which can be used at ATMs for withdrawals.

To get one, you will need a Ukash voucher with at least $20. Then you simply go to the Ukash website, pick which card type you would like, pay for it, and you will either be sent the physical card or you will be given a card number to use to make a deposit when playing online, just as you would when using a MasterCard credit or debit.

Is it safe to us Ukash as a payment method

Ukash is a safe method provided you first purchase the voucher from a reputable Ukash site or retail outlet. Do your research on the Internet site you are purchasing from via a simple Google search, using key words such as ‘Trustworthy’, along with the site name. This will generally return results that detail if the site is legitimate or not. Only purchase the vouchers from physical places you have found by searching on the Ukahe website to ensure these outlets are authorised sellers.

Secondly, although your financial details are protected since you are using a pre-paid voucher, it is important that you are playing at a reputable Internet casino because if it is rogue it could disappear with your deposit.

All of our recommend online casinos are safe and secure and have never been blacklisted and many accept Ukash as a payment method. For real money deposits, we recommend BetOnline Casino as our top-rated casino site for players from United States, which has some excellent welcome bonuses available for new players.

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