Craps sites

Craps sites

For beginners, playing craps can be compared to partaking in extreme sports – exciting, but intimidating. The level of difficulty for craps has a reputation for being high in comparison to other casino games, but make no mistake, it can be easily learned once the rules are grasped. In this guide, we’ll take you through one of the most interesting and storied games any casino has to offer.

United States Top-rated online craps casinos

Top-rated online craps casinos

#1 BetOnline Casino

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#2 Bovada Casino

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#3 Wild Casino

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#4 Raging Bull Online Casino Australia

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#5 Slots of Vegas

Vegas Slots Online

400% Welcome + 55 Free Spins

Available to residents of United States
#6 Ignition Casino

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#7 Lupin Casino

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How to play craps

Played with two six-sided dice, the aim of the game is to try and guess what the outcome of the dice will be and wager in support of those predictions.

The game starts off with a shooter, which is one of the players, throwing the two dice down the table.

To determine the outcome, the total of the two dice is added.

The betting is where the fun really begins, and in craps, you can either put money on one roll of the dice, or on multiple rolls.

Different bet-types in craps

  • The pass line bet

    The easiest bet, highly-recommended for beginners, is the ‘pass line’ bet.

    In a pass line bet, you win if the shooter rolls a seven or 11, but lose if they roll a two, three or 12. This bet always offers an even money payout, making it a really good bet. So, if a player put $20 on the pass line bet, you will be paid out $20 if you win.

    What about all the other numbers you ask? Well, for a total of four, five, six, eight, nine or 10, a ‘point’ is created. The dealer will single when a point has been created and if the player throws the point number again, the house will win.

    Additionally with the point, players can bet on a ‘taking the odds’ wager, which means you can lower the house edge and increase your bet on the number you have chosen using a ‘free odds’ bet. For example if you have chosen to bet on numbers four or 10, the winnings will be paid at a rate of two to one. So if you put $20 on a pass line bet you will be paid $40, then, if you win on an extra $20 dollar bet for these numbers you will be paid out an additional $60.

    The other numbers pay out better with five and nine paying three to two and the numbers six and eight paying out six to five.

    This means there is not a house advantage with this bet, and is basically the best bet you can do.

    With that said, there are 36 number combination possibilities with the number seven being the most likely drawn, so always keep this in mind.

    There is also the Don’t Pass Line bet, which is the opposite of the aforementioned bet. To play this one, just put your bet in the ‘don’t pass’ section of the table. This bet will pay even money if the dice total is two or three, while you lose if a seven or 11 is rolled.

  • Field bets

    Simple, but effective. This bet sees the dice being rolled once to determine if you win or lose.

    It is extremely simple, but because the numbers offer different payouts it can effect your winnings.

    The field bet numbers are two, three, four, nine, 10, 11 and 12 -you win on these numbers.  If there is a five, six, seven, or eight, you will lose.

    One thing to remember with this bet is that numbers two and three pay out much better than the other numbers, delivering three to one (or more, depending on which casino you play with online).

    The numbers, four, nine, 10, and 11 see the payout of one to one. So, placing $20 on a two will see you win $40, while placing $20 on a three will only see you win $20. However, since the numbers which you lose on see a higher rate of roll combinations, the house edge is quite high on this bet at approximately 5.56%, so be sure to remind yourself of this when playing this bet.

  • Place bets

    These bets are quite popular– you either place to win or place to lose.

    To place to win, all you have to do is put your bet on the lower dotted line of the box directly across the number you wish to play, such as six, and you win if you roll that number before a seven is rolled.

    Bettors must note that each number offers different payouts, with some having a higher house edge than others, making them not as worthy to bet on. To place to win on a four or 10 sees an approximate 6.67% house edge, an extremely high house advantage of 9 to 5, while five and nine offer a 4% house edge and a seven to five payout.Six and eight offer 1.52% – the best house edge of the place to win bets. So, if you were to choose a six, there is a payout which sees every $6 you bet winning you $7.

    If you’re a glass half empty type of player and want to place to lose, then put your bet on the upper dotted line of the box directly across from any number, bar seven, you wish to play. You win if a seven is rolled before the number you have chosen. Once again, six and eight offer the best house edge of 1.82% with a payout of 4:5, while four and ten offer the worst at 3%, which is a five to 11 payout. In between the two sees five and nine offering 5:8, which is a 2.5% house edge.

  • Buy bets

    If you would rather buy than try, all you have to do is place a buy bet in the lowest part of the point box – which will win if you roll that number before rolling a seven.

    The payout works with a commission of five percent to see the true odds and actually sees the four and 10 offer the lowest house edge of the buy bets.

    Players will see a payout ratio of 2:1 for these, while the six and eight will see a payout of 6:5. The five and nine remains in the middle with a payout of 3:2. If you want to go for a four or ten, a buy bet is better than a place bet.

  • Lay bets

    A lay bet is the buy bet’s opposition.

    Like a buy bet, a lay bet is placed in the point box but in the upper section, delivering a win if a seven is rolled before rolling the nominated number.

    Odds are once again against the four and 10, seeing a 1:2 odds ratio. So, if you were to bet $20, you would only win $10.

    Five and nine sees a two to three ratio, while the 6 and 8 sees a ratio of five to six, so it would cost $12 to win $10 for these two numbers.

  • Hardway bets

    No bet is more aptly-named than the ‘hardway’ bet. A hardway bet only pays out if a four, six, eight, or ten as are rolled as a double –for example four and four to equal eight.

    If the player rolls a seven, or the same value in the other way which is seen as easy such as six and two to equal eight, the player loses the bet.

    For example, rolling a hard eight or six would see a pay ratio of 9:1, while rolling a four or 10 sees a 7:1 pay ratio, a 9% and 11% house edge respectively.

  • Big six and Big eight bets

    These two bets have something in common and that’s the number seven.

    To win a big six bet you need to roll a six before you roll a seven. The same applies for a big eight bet and rolling an eight.

    You are paid out even for these bets, but interestingly it is extremely similar to the place bets when putting on six or eight, with the house advantage the only difference. The big six and big eight bets sees a whopping house edge of 9.09% while the place bets are only 1.52% as mentioned above. We would choose the place bet over these bets.

  • Any seven bets

    That seven gets around, with the any seven bet granting you a win if the next roll is a seven. You lose if it is any other number. The payout ratio is 4:1, meaning if you bet $10 you will win $40, but has a pretty bad house advantage of 16.67%.

  • Any craps bets

    The player wins if the next roll is a two, three or 12 in the ‘any craps’ bet, but loses with any other roll. This bet also has a high house edge – approximately 11%.

  • Horn bets

    Craps snake eyesTo place a horn bet, put your money on two, three, 11, or 12 and you win if the next roll equals your chosen horn bet number. It’s house edge depends on the number, for example, for number two and 12 the payout ratio is 27:4, while it is 3:1 for number three and 11.

    All three of these bets are called proposition bets, which all have a very high house advantage. There are other proposition bets including ‘yo eleven’, ‘snake eyes’, ‘any three’, and ‘midnight’.

    No matter which bet you play, it is best to know the odds so you can make the right decision when betting. While luck is always involved in online casino games, knowing the pay ratios is a great strategy for both beginners and advanced players at online craps tables.

Where to play online craps

Now that you know how to play, it’s time to find an online casino where you can enjoy yourself and use your new-found skills. Playing online means you won’t be rushed while learning, so you have a chance to go at your own pace and improve your knowledge.

Each of our recommended online casinos offer a practice mode, so you can play for free to build your skills and then, when you’re ready, convert to the real cash money mode.

Craps at Royal Vegas

Play Real Money Online Craps at Royal Vegas Casino


Royal Vegas is an amazing online casino to play craps at and also offers an incredible 3x the odds behind the pass line so we can win easier. You can either download the software at Royal Vegas, or choose the Instant Play option where you will be taken to a slick Microgaming interface with classy and creative graphics.

Play Real Money Online Craps at Royal Vegas CasinoClick on the ‘Table Games’ option then go to the last page of the list of games where you will find Craps. You will then be prompted to play either with real money or in practice mode. You will have to sign up for either of these modes but that only takes a few minutes.

The visual and audio quality of Royal Vegas craps takes players into a virtual reality with the sophisticated table remaining incredibly authentic. You also have the added option of being able to click on the bank feature, making a quick deposit, and updating the casino so you can play with real money. Royal Vegas also has a native app, but Craps aren’t available to play on here yet; however, we will keep you updated and let you know when it is.

United States Featured casinos

Featured casinos

G’day Craps

G’day Casino is targeted at an Australian crowd and offers a true Aussie experience with some of the most distinctive real money games online, which can also be played in practice mode for free in case you aren’t confident to wager real money yet. With a table limit of minimum one chip and a maximum of 100 this is one for the beginner due to the low table limit.Craps for Real Money Online at G'Day

All you have to do is head to G’Day casino, click on the ‘Table Games’ link on the left hand side under game categories, then click on the craps option available. To play with real money you will have to sign up, but you can play for free without registration which is a great option to help indicate whether or not craps is for you.

The table layout and graphics are quite simple at G’Day, so you’ll be able to pick it up in no time without getting lost in a complex navigation design. Additionally, G’Day offers a free slab of VB when you sign up and deposit $100. So if you aren’t any good at craps, at least you will get free beer out of it!

Casino-Mate Craps


This popular Microgaming powered online casino is also targeted at Aussies. You will need to sign up before playing this one either in Instant Play via flash in your browser or by downloading the software. You will then be prompted with whether or not you want to create a desktop shortcut which can be extremely handy. The interface is somewhat similar to Royal Vegas and you’ll find craps under ‘Table Games’ on the last page.

The table layout is also exactly the same as the table layout at Royal Vegas; however, the colours and audio are different. This is due to the two hosting the same craps software from the same reliable and trustworthy software provider, Microgaming. Casino-Mate also offers a free eBook on how to play craps in case you are really struggling, which you can download from their website.

How to deposit at craps casinos

Craps is an extremely enjoyable game to play once you have mastered the game online, and all of our online casinos offer an array of payment options for you to play with real money. These include VISA, MasterCard, Poli, E-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, as well as UKash a prepaid card system you cacn buy a retail outlets.

Deposits are quite instantaneous while most withdrawals methods taking from 24 to 48 hours but that is quicker than most postage when you buy something online so try not to be too impatient. Regardless your money is extremely secure due to the 128-bit SSL technology utilised by each of our recommended casinos.

Sign up at any of our recommended online casinos, such as Royal Vegas Casino, to begin playing high-quality real money craps on your computer, mobile or tablet devices. Enjoy your favourite dice game from the comfort of your own home and redeem up to $1200 in Welcome Bonuses on your first deposit at Royal Vegas.

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