75 ball bingo & where to play

75 ball bingo & where to play

75-ball bingo is one of the most played types of bingo out there, and one of the easiest and most popular forms of the game. If you’re new to housie, 75-ball bingo can be a good starting point to ease you into the game.

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The rules are easy to understand and when you’re playing online with real money, there’s the chance to win big if you’re lucky enough to cross off the right numbers. Read on to learn more about where the game comes from, how to play, and the best places to play online if you’re in Australia.

How to play real money 75 ball bingo

75 Ball bingo is pretty much the US preferred version of the game; in North America most bingo played will be 75-Ball. Ninety Ball bingo tends to be more popular in Australia and the UK. Both types of bingo are readily available for you to play online.

Step-by-step guide to playing 75-Ball bingo online:

Firstly purchase playing cards before the round of bingo begins. Your bingo site will usually have a countdown clock letting you know how long you have before the next round of bingo begins. In 75-Ball bingo playing cards are 5×5, generally with an empty space in the center of the card. This means you have 24 numbers in the game that you want to be called out.

When playing online you can generally purchase as many playing cards for a round as you would like. This is a good idea if you’re set on winning the round, especially if you’re playing on the Web as you don’t have to see if you have crossed off winning numbers on your playing cards yourself, so having multiple playing cards is more manageable.

Once the round has commenced, bingo numbers will begin to be called out. In online bingo your numbers are generally automatically daubed meaning you don’t have to mark them off yourself; the computer will do this for you. As the round progresses and more numbers are called out, you’re on the lookout for a win of some kind on your playing card. There are two ways you can win 75-Ball bingo, one with a bigger jackpot than the other.

The quicker way to win 75-ball bingo is to be the first player to mark off the predetermined pattern on your playing card. What this winning pattern is varies from game to game but it can be virtually anything — for example, a diamond formation or a cross formation across the card. Whatever the winning formation for your game is, you’ll know what it is before the game begins. Generally the squares that make up the winning sequence will be in a different colour to the rest.

The other way to win 75-ball housie is to be the first player to mark off all 24 squares – this is called a coverall win. Usually doing this within the first 30 or 40 balls drawn (again, this depends on the rules of where you’re playing) you will win a handsome coverall jackpot, bigger than the winning-pattern jackpot.

Where to play 75 ball bingo online

  • www.BingoAustralia.com

    Bingo Australia has some of the biggest jackpots available to Australian players. They have $10,000 jackpot bingo games, as well as progressive jackpot games with prize pools swelling to as much as $25,000. They have almost countless bingo games running round the clock; in fact, the number of housie games they have is almost overwhelming. Their 75-ball games include; Jumping Jackpot 75 Ball Bingo, Speedies 75 Bingo and Two and Three Part 75 Bingo rooms.

  • www.LuckyPantsBingo.com

    Lucky Pants Bingo is a specialised bingo site, so they have all different types of bingo available, multiple rooms for each bingo variant. The main room for standard 75 Ball Bingo is called Red Hearts, but they have many other rooms that have different themes to them, rules that vary the game a little or different jackpot amounts.

    Lucky Pants Bingo let’s you play more than one room at a time, and you can select autoplay so any winnings you take will be automatically collected if your eyes are on another one of your games. Lucky Pants Bingo also has an interactive live chat feature that let’s you talk to other players in the same room.

  • www.AussieDollarBingo.com

    Aussie Dollar Bingo always has heaps of promotions for their 75-Ball bingo games. They have an array of winnable progressive jackpot games and themed set jackpots that are always changing. For example, at the moment they have a $10,000 Friday Night Party for every Friday in November where players win $10,000 for a coverall win in 75-ball Bingo (subject to change, which we will update accordingly).

What 75-ball bingo playing cards look like

Having a clear idea of how your playing card is set out in 75 Ball Bingo, and how to identify a win on the card will give you a clearer understanding of the game.

As mentioned above, 75-Ball bingo has 5×5 playing cards, with a blank middle square. At the top of each of the five columns is an individual letter, which together spell out “B-I-N-G-O”. In the ‘B’ column there will be five random numbers that fit into the range of 1-15. The next ‘I’ column will have a random selection of numbers from the range 16-30 and it will continue in the same pattern with each new column having a selection of numbers from the consecutive range of 15 numbers. The squares making up the winning pattern for the game will be a different colour to your other numbered squares so the pattern is easily identifiable.

The differences between 75 and 90-ball housie

The main difference between 75-Ball and 90-Ball bingo is how the playing cards are set out and obviously how many balls are drawn. 90-Ball playing cards look very different from those in 75-Ball, being 9×3 playing cards with three horizontal lines and nine columns. In the first column there is a selection of three different numbers from the range 1-9, and so on and so on. Each column has three numbers from the next consecutive set of nine numbers.

Instead of having a winning-formation to unlock like in 75-ball bingo, you have the chance to win the game in three stages by crossing off your three horizontal lines one by one. How the prize pool is split is another difference between the two variants; in 75-ball games there’s two different jackpots, whereas in 90-Ball, the prize pool is split three ways — between the first player to fill out one line, the first player to fill out two lines and the first player to fill out all three lines.

75 ball bingo’s story

The basic premise of bingo has been around for centuries. The foundation of the game bingo is derived from way back in 1530 when the first form of lottery was created. Players would try and predict what numbers were going to be drawn. Bingo as we commonly now know it was first played in the United States and Canada, first known as “Beano” because players would cover the numbers on their cards with beans as the numbers were called out.

Rumour has it that the name Bingo came into common use to identify the game after the toy-maker and salesman Edwin S. Lowe heard someone call out “Bingo!” instead of “Beano!” when they had crossed off all the numbers on their card and won the game. Apparently Lowe liked the exclamation so much that it stuck with him and he used it to brand the bingo cards he was manufacturing at the time. The popularity of the game, Lowe’s card and the name bingo spread to the point where it’s now how we identify the game.

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