Best bingo sites with chat features

Best bingo sites with chat features

Bingo has always been a fundamentally social game, hence its popularity in community halls with large groups of players. Half the fun of bingo is the anticipation of trying to beat the people around you to a win, unlike a solitary game like pokies where you simply have your eye on the prize, or blackjack where it’s just you versus the dealer.

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Bingo has always been a way to get groups of people together and enjoy some friendly competition and casual conversation. The game wouldn’t be the same without the joy of triumphantly claiming “BINGO!” to the utter disappointment of your fellow punters. The best online bingo sites recognise this fact, that’s why they’ve established some pretty incredible chat communities within their bingo rooms.

Play bingo chat games for real money now The chat groups at our favourite bingo sites are all run by charismatic chat hosts and provide not just a social platform to boost the competition, but a fantastic way to make new friends (and rivals) from all over the world. Best of all these chat rooms are 100% safe and secure, making it a priority to protect any personal details.

Safest online Bingo sites with chat communities

The chat community within an online bingo site can say a lot about the venue. Our favourite venues come with chat rooms that are full of supportive people, welcoming vibes and entertaining banter. It’s always nice to be able to tell that many of the punters are regulars, helping to build a friendly atmosphere.

The safest online bingo sites with chat communities are:

These chat rooms also come with the added benefit of bonus in-chat games, where the host will spontaneously announce ways for players to win some extra credit or cash prizes.

How do I chat with other housie players?

Chatting online with housie players is easy, so you don’t need to have A-grade Internet skills to join in. What you will need is a registered account with the bingo site, if you don’t already have one signing up is easy. Simply hand over some basic personal information like name, address, etc and deposit some AUD funds to your account if you intend to make real money wagers. Once you’ve registered, sign into your account and head to the venues bingo lobby.

Play chat games in online bingoThe bingo lobby is where you’ll find all the bingo rooms that are currently open for play and each room comes with its own chat feature. The lobby will also tell you how many players are currently in each room, so if you’re looking for bigger or smaller groups to hang with you can make an informed choice.

Simply head to the bingo game you wish to play (many sites offer newbie rooms for first time players which can be a great place to get a feel for the online bingo format) and once you’re in you’ll notice the chat box located alongside your bingo cards. As the conversation flows between players, you’ll see it come up in real time.

To join in, simply click on the text box and get typing. By no means do you have to chat, participation is entirely up to you. You can still watch the conversations between other players if you’d prefer and then join in anytime, or not join in at all, it won’t have any effect on your games.

You’ll notice the name of the host is listed at the top of the chat room and is usually highlighted so you can identify them from the group. The chat host is the person you should direct any questions to and they are the one who monitors the conversation.

The chat box also keeps a running display of any wins as they happen which is good motivation that you’re next big win may be right around the corner.

Safety and security in Internet bingo

Like all gambling venues recommended on our site, the bingo sites listed above all use a minimum of 128 Bit SSL Security, the strongest form of encryption available on the Internet. This digital SSL certification protects your personal, financial and log in details from any potential hackers, scrambling your information so it is not available to anyone else. This means you can bet, play and chat in total confidence.

On top of the digital encryption safety, online bingo rooms are protected with some additional rules of their own. Each chat room is overseen by a host who is employed to not only keep the interaction flowing, but to keep conversations positive, friendly and to ensure all players in the chat room are following the venues chat guidelines.

You’ll need to refer to the chat rules of the site you are using as each venue has a different set of stipulations, but rules you can expect to find exclude players from sharing private information, restrict promotion of any other websites, ensure respectful and profanity free language is used at all times and ensure players refrain from complaining about losses or any other detrimental expressions towards the games.

These rules are enforced so that the bingo chat rooms are positive spaces free from discrimination, harassment or negativity. The chat hosts have the power to kick out any player who does not follow the rules and can even ban them from the site entirely, so always be on your best behaviour when joining bingo chat communities.

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