7 ways Trump runs campaigns as well as he gambles

7 ways Trump runs campaigns as well as he gambles

Donald Trump wants to ‘Make America Great Again’ and if his past gambling history is anything to go off, the nation should be cheering. Despite Trump building a multimillion-dollar empire, based on opening many casinos including Trump Plaza, Trump’s Castle, and Trump Taj Mahal, his shady history and miscalculated gambles have us excited for the future of US. Here’s seven ways Trump has run his campaign similar to his past gambles and decisions.

  1. Trump plays with the cool kids

    Trump knows how to run with a good crowd prevalent in both his past and present support group.

    It has been reported Trump had a solid relationship with an infamous New Jersey mobster, Robert LiButti – the granddaughter of Libutti revealed the pair would gamble together at the Atlantic City Trump Plaza, and fly on Trump’s helicopter.

    The gamble to play with the cool kids at his casinos didn’t pay off with many links to fraudulent and horrific behaviour by the linked mob.

    But it appears Trump still strays to dark side to hang out with the cool kids these days, with his campaign manager manhandling a reporter and reportedly acting inappropriately in the past.

  2. Trump’s racist policies

    If only we took note of the way Trump upheld moral policies within his casinos, Trump would be our president now.

    In 1991 it was investigated Trump removed African-Americans and women from the craps tables after LiButti (see above) complained. While Trump Plaza was fined $200,000 for violating state anti-discrimination laws by completing this request regularly, it seems Trump hasn’t learnt from his racist ways.

    Trump’s presidential campaign has seen him announce the plan to ban Muslims from the US, proving perhaps it was his racist policy and not LiButti’s.

  3. Trump’s main goal is to win

    Trump is a winner, according to mainly him.

    Back when Trump was running his Atlantic City casinos, he courted a Japanese business man, Akio Kashiwagi, into coming to his casino due to his high stakes and large bank account. Allegedly, Trump believed Kashiwagi could keep his latest business afloat due to the PR he would bring.

    Trump eventually figured out this was a bad move since cash flow was down, and then after just two days of playing Kashiwagi called it quits with $6 million of Trump’s money his pocket.

    Trump wouldn’t let this go – instead he went after Kashiwagi, courted him again and managed to get him to return again, eventually losing and Trump ultimately winning.

    There’s no saying what Trump will do to win the presidential campaign but there’s no doubt he will do whatever it takes – even if it is incredibly shady.

  4. Trump’s campaigns always go to plan

    We should’ve known from Trump’s past business ventures, his campaigns would go just as smoothly – and when they don’t at least he distances himself so we can still love him.

    In February 2009, Trump’s company, Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which made it the third time in a row in doing so.

    Trump attempted to defend himself by saying he wasn’t really involved in the company, only his name was still used – though he initially owned 28% of the company stock so we aren’t too sure how little he did have to do with it.

    Regardless, Trump has stuck by this motto of distancing himself from matters which don’t go smoothly including the rallies at his campaigns. Many have seen violence between protesters but Trump has quickly distanced himself from them by stating ‘I certainly don’t incite violence,’ and instead the protesters were the ones instigating these events.

    We agree, Trump definitely had nothing to do with it even though at one rally in Nevada he announced ‘I’d like to punch him in the face,’ among other great ‘non-violent’ one-liners.

  5. Trump denies ever losing

    It has been reported Trump attempted to seek the right to open a casino in Philadelphia in 2006, but his application was rejected. Despite a lot of evidence, including information presented by Florida State Officials, Trump has continued to deny any such proceedings.

    Trump has taken his own gambling advice to the campaign front – if you don’t succeed deny it ever occurring.

    At 2016 Trump campaign rally, a man punched another in the face and Trump announced he would pay the legal fees for this man. After it turned out he might actually have to, Trump denied saying any such thing – despite the tonne of evidence against him, including the audio of him saying so.

    We can only imagine how many poker hands Trump has never lost.

  6. Never publicise your income

    Trump will always raise you when you estimate the amount he is worth, bluffing any opponent without offering a shred of evidence – such a genius.

    In 2011, Forbes estimated Trump’s brand was worth $200 million, however Trump came out and said this was incorrect and it was actually worth $3 billion, despite offering any evidence to prove his claims.

    This has transferred to his campaign with Trump being the only Presidential candidate to not release his tax returns in order to show his income, and in turn determine his net worth.

    However, he will raise you if you try to guess it.

  7. If all else fails – make a Trump threat

    One thing we know is Trump can make a threat – he even threatened to sue the whole of Scotland at one point.

    A gaming-securities analyst, Marvin Roffman, expressed his doubts, in an article to the Wall Street Journal, regarding the how well the Trump Taj Mahal would do just days before it opened. Trump called war and threatened a lawsuit if Roffman wasn’t sacked or apologised.

    Trump must have brought his casino guidebook with him to the 2016 presidential campaign, threatening widespread riots if he doesn’t get GOP nomination.

    As you can see, Trump is a model gambler and we are excited to take the gamble of letting him become the next US president.

    In all seriousness, this could unfortunately be the case with the Election Betting Odds website giving Trump a ‘71% chance of winning the Republican nomination’.

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