Ezugi casino sites

Ezugi casino sites

Since there is no necessity to check the software developer behind table games at land-based casinos, we can forget to do so online. However, it’s incredibly important to read up on the software provider – this also applies to live dealer titles. One of the best software developers behind live dealer games is Ezugi, available at many of our recommended web casinos. We take a look at Ezugi as a software developer, the games they have created, and where you can find these titles.

United States Best online casinos with Ezugi live dealer games

Best online casinos with Ezugi live dealer games

About Ezugi and where to play

Ezugi online casino gamesWhile many software developers specialise in both standard casino games and live dealer variants, Ezugi focuses on live dealer titles only. This means a more dedicated catalogue to live dealer games.

Ezugi was established in 2013, by CEO Kfir Kugler, in order to capture the increase in popularity towards live dealer games. In doing so, their games have skyrocketed and are now one of the top leading software providers for live action casino-style games.

Before we get started, we need to know where we can play games by Ezugi. G’Day Casino is one of our favourite web casinos to play at, and they feature some of Ezugi’s live dealer catalogue in their Live Casino section.

G’Day Casino is your best choice for Ezugi live dealer games. The site is regulated by an advanced gaming jurisdiction, the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority, and implements modern encryption technology. When you are playing with real money, the mode you are required to be in to access the Ezugi live dealer titles, your financial details are secure.

Ezugi games

Ezugi have developed an array of live dealer games and have a number of titles in the works. We cover the available titles at G’Day first.

Live Keno

This live dealer title is probably one of the most unique out of the lot, as the Live Keno title features a traditional drawing machine rather than the usual Random Number Generators we generally see with the majority of keno titles at land-based casinos. Players are able to bet quickly and select up to eight balls with 20 out of 80 drawn live. There is a live chat feature also available.

Live Blackjack

Considered to be one of the most popular casino games both online and offline, Ezugi’s live dearer blackjack features up to seven players, a live chat box, bet behind and side betting features, the chance to tip dealers, and more.

Live Roulette

Ezugi’s Live Roulette tables offer the European roulette, rather than the American, meaning odds are better for the player. It features an unlimited amount of players able to join any table, live chat, dealer tipping, the ability to place side bets, and more.

Live Baccarat

One of the most preferred games for high rollers, Ezugi’s Live Baccarat offers an unlimited amount of players able to join the tables so there is no waiting for a seat to be free, side betting, dealer tipping, and more.

Live Lottery

Every four to six minutes live lottery games are drawn with Ezugi’s Live Lottery title. The games work similarly to OZ Lotto or Powerball where you pick your preferred numbers and they are randomly drawn and read aloud by the live dealer. They also offer a pick six balls out of 49, and you can bet on colours, columns, and/or numbers. There is also a live chat feature included.

While G’Day casino doesn’t offer the following Ezugi titles just yet, we’re sure it won’t be long until they do.

  • Live Hybrid Blackjack
  • Live Wheel of Dice

Additionally, Ezugi are working on new titles which will no doubt be rolled out at G’Day online casino, and include:

  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Live Double Ball Roulette
  • Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker

G'Day Casino - Play Live Dealer Keno by EzugiEach available title at G’Day online casino offers players the ability to invite their friends via Facebook so they are playing real people they know rather than strangers, to enhance that social element already created by having a human dealer streamed in HD quality directly to your screen. The software has been designed to offer streamline viewing and audio without interruption.

Ezugi are set up in studios and offer both male and female live dealers to choose from, who are all quite attractive. While they offer the standard live dealer titles such as the first three we detail, they also offer a few more titles which you don’t often see by other software providers, including Live Lottery and Live Keno.

Additionally, if you’ve come to like a certain dealer, there is an option on the main live dealer lobby screen to view their schedules. This means you can figure out when they’re dealing and what games so you can try to keep your wining streak going.

Software platforms and system requirements for Ezugi games

Ezugi has updated its gaming catalogue for both desktop and mobile compatibility. However, at the time of writing it is only available via G’Day’s flash casino and not their mobile casino, though we expect this to change soon.

Ezugi also allows its games to be played on Smart TVs so you can turn your home into a personal casino, with smartphones and tablets linked to act as gaming controls.

When accessing the live dealer titles, at G’Day online casino for example, players need to be logged in as it will not allow you to play in free money mode. Make a deposit using the number of payment methods available and you will be able to get playing the live dealer title of your choice in no time.

Since Ezugi’s live dealer titles are available via Flash, regardless if you have a Mac or Windows PC you can still access the games. However, they may not work as well if the device is older than five years. You also need a fast and reliable Internet connection, though if it does drop out, Ezugi’s software reconnects you back to the table you were at.

Our thoughts on Ezugi live dealer online gambling

Overall, Ezugi offers an amazing live dealer catalogue featuring unique titles that we don’t generally get to play when gaming online. The quality is above average and the human dealers, and the ability to chat to them, creates a social ambience many feel is missing when playing on the web.

Register an account at G’Day Casino, take advantage of their generous welcome offer bonuses and jump into some extremely unique and interactive live dealer blackjack, roulette, keno and more.

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