Live dealer Casino Hold’em

Live dealer Casino Hold’em

Poker is cooler than the other side of the pillow. All the trendy kids play poker these days and even the nerdy ones too now. Poker transcends age, sex, politics and religion, it is the great equaliser. But sometimes you’re not guaranteed to get a table, or you have to stand around like a shag on a rock for an hour or two until some degenerate completely depletes their stack of chips and their wallet.

United States Best online casinos to play live dealer Casino Hold'em

Best online casinos to play live dealer Casino Hold'em

Sometimes, the real trauma begins when you actually hit the table and get a seat. Do you know the worst thing about poker? Other punters. They can drone on and on about some white whale of a hand they just didn’t win, but by God, the bloody well should have!

At a bricks and mortar poker table, any number of horrific things can happen on any given day. You can be thrown up on, king hit, drinks can and will be spilled all over you or you could cop supreme attitude by some mouth breather of a dealer.

On the other hand, conventional online poker can go by so quick that you barely have the chance to make sense of how or why you lost before the next hand is upon you. Besides, you still have the same general problem with as you do with a bricks and mortar casino: so many other players at the table to beat.

Best live dealer online poker for Australians

Play Live Dealer Casino Poker online
So how can you play poker online with improved odds and hands that don’t fly by quicker than an F1-11?

You can give Live Dealer Casino Poker a try. It offers the same authentic poker experience you can only get at the tables, but instead the dealer, table and cards are streamed to your computer screen directly via a high-quality video feed, so you can enjoy a game from the comfort of your home.

The dealer is more often than not usually an attractive croupier easy on the eyes, so that’s always a plus, too.

Live Dealer Casino Poker is a unique variant of live dealer games available at Guts Casino, one of our top recommended casino sites for its diversity and range of casino game software.

Guts is a recommended and safe casino that offers many options to deposit and withdraw funds, including Skrill, Neteller, Credit Card and Ukash. Check their site for more options and deposit minimums, maximums and fees.

What is live dealer casino poker?

This game is dealt by a real life casino dealer whose table and actions are broadcast live via the casino’s webcam. To really appreciate this service it is better to have a high speed, reliable internet connection.

The game being dealt by a real dealer means the game is dealt at a reasonable pace which gives you a chance to digest your cards and think about your next move.

The bricks and mortar casino equivalent of this game would be Texas Bonus. So that means Live Dealer Casino Poker is a step up from regular Texas Hold’em because there are different pay out odds and a bonus bet.

Better than that, you don’t have to worry about being beaten on the river by every other punter at the table. No. It’s head-to-head action vs the dealer: you just have to beat the dealer to win.

How to play and odds

Live Dealer Casino Poker is an easy game to play. All you have to do is place an ante bet, which can range anywhere from AUD $0.50 to AUD $1000.00 per hand. As well as that you can also place an optional bonus bet which has a minimum of AUD$0.50 and a maximum of AUD$500.

The initial deal of two hole cards for you and the dealer and three flop community cards are dealt. The dealers hole cards remain face down until the end of the hand. From here you have to decide if you want to continue with your hand or fold. If you wish to continue you have to place a call bet, which is double your ante bet. Once you have called the “turn” and the “river” are dealt out.

The dealer now reveals their cards. The dealer must have a pair of four’s or higher to qualify. If you beat the dealer but they have not qualified then your ante bet is paid according to the odds, but your call bet is returned to you. However if you beat the dealer when they have qualified then your ante bet is paid according to the odds and your call bet is paid at even money.

The bonus bet is based on whether you get a pair of ace’s or higher off the flop. If you do not get anything higher than a pair of ace’s off the flop, you lose your bonus bet. However if you have a pair of ace’s or the making for a higher hand you are paid accordingly.

The Ante bets are paid as follows:

  • Royal Flush 100:1
  • Straight Flush 20:1
  • Four of a Kind 10:1
  • Full House 3:1
  • Flush 2:1
  • Straight or Less 1:1

Bonus bets are paid as follows:

  • Royal Flush 100:1
  • Straight Flush 50:1
  • Four of a Kind 40:1
  • Full House 30:1
  • Flush 20:1
  • Pair of Aces to Straight 7:1

With odds like these it is hard to turn a blind eye to live dealer Casino Hold’em. Give it a go at Guts Casino and give live dealer poker a try.

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