Pakistan online casinos

Pakistan online casinos

Because of the Islamic religion having a major dominance over the country, any form of gambling – including in the online world – is very much considered to be illegal there. So, how is it possible for online casinos to operate and provide players there with their services?

United States Pakistani online casinos

Pakistani online casinos

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Gambling online in Pakistan

The laws running through Pakistan are exceptionally strict. Not solely about gambling, but generally speaking, laws within the country are very much upheld by a powerful government. Playing at an online casino actually constitutes as operating a gambling den there, and for this, anyone found to be playing at such can face serious jail time. Specific laws that relate to the gambling industry are also present in Pakistan, such as The Prevention of Gambling Act brought about in 1977. This particular Act specifically bans and forbids any sort of gambling from within the country.

As spoken of, this is just one of several laws in the country that are very heavily enforced. The authorities in Pakistan find themselves making at least a few hundred gambling-related arrests every year. Penalties for being found guilty of such can range from a fine that stands at a couple of hundred rupees and upwards to a couple of thousand and even up to five years in jail.

This doesn’t just relate to online casinos and gambling platforms either, but also to land-based establishments. Islamic law makes up the country’s constitution and because the Quran has words to the effect of labelling gambling as illegal and having ill effects on social life, all gambling is banned. This has led to the formation of many illegal gambling dens throughout the country. The only ways that people from Pakistan can gamble is in one of the dens and via offshore platforms. However, both of these options are very much illegal operations as far as Pakistani law is concerned.

Online casino games

Playing at an online casino presents you with so many different games and variants of games it can be bewildering for first-timers. The favourite games at online casinos include slots and many live dealer games like blackjack and baccarat. OCS has hundreds of real money casino games to make your online experience easier:

Online casino promotions

One of the things that stands out with online casinos in comparison to land-based casinos is that you can actually get quite a bit for free, or at the very least have your bankroll increased. This means you can claim many different types of promotions. You can check out the latest casino promotions here or view the latest sign up offers available to those in Pakistan.

Pakistani Rupee online casino deposits

It’s always going to be a risky business – involving yourself in something that your country laws deem to be illegal. Therefore, making deposits into online casinos and other gaming sites can be very much a difficult process within itself. There aren’t many – if any – online casinos that accept deposits and gameplay in Pakistani Rupees. Because of this, it’s most likely that if you do manage to deposit, your currency will be automatically converted into US Dollars. Of course, you’ll need to find a payment method that can’t really be tracked so much by the country. Therefore, we don’t advise using credit cards or bank transfers. This means that players from Pakistan have the following possible payment methods to choose from:

History of gambling in Pakistan

It seems easy enough to quickly label all forms of gambling as being illegal in Pakistan and this wouldn’t be specifically untrue either. As stated before, the Islamic laws of the country ensure that anything considered to be illegal is very heavily enforced by authorities. This goes for both online and offline activities. However, in Pakistan, the result of people opting to gamble doesn’t just see them get a hit on the hand. It’s quite a bit more severe than that. The government heavily enforces this law with threats of hefty fines to pay and potential jail time given for being caught gambling. This means that you won’t find the country providing entry to any land-based casinos, bookmaker shops, bingo halls or anything like this. Simply put, other than the illegal dens within Pakistan, gambling is pretty much a scarcity.

Everything circulates around The Prevention of Gambling Act of 1977, and it is due to this that all forms of gambling are highly outlawed. It is also this Act that defines online gambling as being pretty much the same as offline gambling. It’s labelled as a player operating his own land-based casino. Therefore, anyone who participates in gambling, regardless of its location, is considered to be committing a crime in Pakistan. The laws are so specific and enforced that there isn’t any room for misunderstandings or bending of such. Players will always be prosecuted if found to be participating in gambling.

Online casino & gambling laws

Online casinos, as well as any other form of online gambling, including sportsbooks, poker rooms, bingo, lotteries and anything else, are all illegal in Pakistan. A number of arrests have taken place in the country that have been associated with the anti-gambling laws and as mentioned previously, people have been landed with huge fines or several years in jail for it. This is why the vast majority of offshore online casinos are also unavailable to players from Pakistan. While it’s possible to find a few that do cater to this country, they are few and far between.

Of course, if you’re a Pakistan citizen, then you may be able to travel to other countries and participate in gambling – although, you’ll need to do this without using a payment method that links back to your home country. Naturally, Pakistan does not govern the whole world, so whatever you do in another country where gambling is legal is your own business. However, for those players who reside in Pakistan and want to enjoy gambling games, there are very few options available to you to utilise. Unless something changes with the Islamic laws of the country, then this is most likely how things will remain going forward too.

Pakistan geography

Pakistan is well-known throughout the world already as being a country in South Asia, existing to the left of India, on the right of Afghanistan and Iran, and also having borders with neighbouring countries of China and is very marginally separated from Tajikistan. The country also shares a maritime border with the country of Oman. Throughout the years, the country that is now Pakistan has been the site of many ancient cultures and has been ruled by many people of different faiths. However, it remains as the only country in the world that has been created in the name of Islam, which occurred in 1947. At this time, it became an independent homeland for Indian Muslims to reside in.