Aliens pokies review

Aliens pokies review

Net Entertainment have made quite a name for themselves as the guru’s of turning popular movies into wildly successful online pokies. With a growing repertoire of movies converted to online slots, including Scarface, Frankenstein and The Invisible Man, it is easy to see why they are so well respected when it comes to re-creating these movies for the online punter’s entertainment.

United States Play NetEnt's Aliens at these online pokies casinos

Play NetEnt's Aliens at these online pokies casinos

However, it’s NetEntertainment’s re-imagining of the classic sci-fi movie, Aliens, that many consider to be the proverbial jewel in their crown.

Play Aliens for real money on computer or mobile

Being such an engrossing game, many of the online casinos we recommend and are listed above boast and promote Aliens as one of their most popular games on computer, laptop, mobile smartphone and tablet platforms.

Our favourite site to play Aliens is G’Day not only boasts a free play as well as real money play mode, but you can also access and play Aliens for free or real money via their mobile and tablet versions of their site.

Aliens pokies gameplay format

Aliens is a classic five reel pokie that differs slightly from the vast majority of pokies available on the market, in that it is played on 15 pay-lines instead of the usual 20 or 25 pay-lines.

Aliens online pokies by Net Ent

  • Coin sizes – .01, .02. .05, .10
  • Number of coins allowed per spin – 1 to 10
  • Minimum bet – $0.15
  • Maximum bet – $150.00
  • Jackpot – Yes (570,000 credits)
  • Gamble feature – No
  • Auto-spin feature – No
  • Scatter symbol – No
  • Wild symbol – Yes (Weyland-Yutani corp logo)

At first glance, a game with 15 pay-lines may feel like you are being robbed of up to another 10 possible winning pay-lines, but in the context of the Aliens game, it works perfectly; you do not miss the extra pay-lines at all.

Aliens bonus features

The game itself is made up of three interactive and distinct “levels”. Each level propels the story of the game toward the thrilling showdown with the Queen alien in her hive as well as almost including the player in the story of the game too.

The first level is referred to as The Search and is your more traditional online pokie of five reels and 15 paylines. During this level, each winning symbol (excluding Wild symbols) are added to a bar just above the playing screen. The bar requires nine winning symbols to unlock the second level. Each symbol on the bar represents a multiplier but a symbol is deducted from the bar with every non-winning spin.

The second level, The Encounter, is the first free game feature. The Encounter has a playing screen over top of a first person shooter, video game style screen. You character, the marine, is lurking down a corridor, trying to survive constant attacks from Aliens. The bottom right hand corner of the screen shows how many bullets your marine has in their gun.

At the end of each free spin there is another random spin to determine whether you have another round of ammo. If you run out of ammo the free game is over. But if you manage to last 10 spins, then you move on to the third and final level of the game.

The Hive see’s players come face to face with the Queen Alien. You are awarded five spins to determine how much damage each shot you fire at the Queen inflicts with each with a maximum of x10 damage. Any damage inflicted upon the Queen rewards you but destroying the Queen and her hive rewards you with a jackpot credit bonus.

Ambience and graphics

The first thing to strike you about the Aliens online slot is the crystal clear graphics. The way each symbol springs to life on a winning line is vivid and realistic.

The game evokes the same eerie, spooky feel that the movie was able to elicit. The dark background matched with the chilling sound effects and ambient noise evokes a real feeling of tension and excitement. Each time you press the spin button a sonar ping radiates from the centre of the information bar, emitting a pulse noise.

The overall feel of the game is haunting and tense which really leaves you invested in the story and the game itself. Thanks to the graphics and ambience of the game Aliens is a thoroughly interactive and involving game: so much more than just your usual online slot.

Final verdict

With great graphics, an amazing atmosphere created by spot-on sound effects and back ground music and a multi-layered gaming experience, Aliens is one of the most on point games available on the market today.

Aliens isn’t one of those games where you feel as though you are pouring your hard earned cash down a bottomless pit either. It feels as though there are constant wins and multipliers increase the excitement and likelihood of those wins.

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