Castle Builder pokies review

Castle Builder pokies review

Castle Builder was released in 2014 by Vienna based software developer Rabcat and rolled out over the Microgaming/QuickFire platform, fast becoming a popular player favourite.

United States Try Castle Builder by Rabcat at these Microgaming casinos

Try Castle Builder by Rabcat at these Microgaming casinos

Castle Builder is a highly advanced slot game as far as content and gameplay features go, using a progressive story format where the player has the chance to level up and unlock achievements, bringing not just more ways to win but more fun and excitement along the way.

How to play Rabcat’s Castle Builder

Castle Builder is a five reel, 15 pay line pokies game with several additional features. It uses a medieval theme and a unique format where the player assumes the role of a master builder, thrust into one of four fictional monarch kingdoms, Forana, Ethril, Ilrian and eventually, Empire.

The aim of the game is to make your way across the lands (moving across the medieval map as you go), finding construction parts hidden within the reels in order to build castles before moving on to the next kingdom. Along the way you’ll encounter knights, kings and princesses, vying for the attention of many beautiful admirers.

The specifics of the game are as follows:

Castle Builder pokies online

  • Coin sizes – .01, .02, .05, .10, .20, .25, .50, $1.00
  • Minimum bet – .01
  • Maximum bet – $15.00
  • Scatter – No
  • Wild – Yes
  • Bonus rounds – Yes
  • Free spins – No
  • Jackpot – $20,000
  • RTP – 96.47%

Castle Builder gameplay features and bonuses

Aside from winning money, the aim of Castle Builder is to construct 10 castles in each kingdom. Each completed castle kicks off a bonus round, which is your chance to level up and earn more valuable rewards. The games bonus features are:

  • Wild symbol – the builder symbol is the games wild (easily identifiable as it’s labelled accordingly) and can substitute all other symbols to form a winning combination excluding the building symbols.
  • Castle construction – the castle construction feature is the real draw card of the game and will be your main focus as you spin the reels. The aim is to collect construction items in order to work towards building your castles. As you collect building symbols, you’ll see the construction of your castle begin to take place on the left hand side of the reels. Landing more building symbols per spin results in higher valued construction items and if you construct your castle with more valuable items, your completed castle will be worth more money. For every two or more building symbols that appear on an active pay line, you’ll receive the following:

    Castle Builder online slots bonus gameplay features

    • Two building symbols – standard value blocks
    • Three building symbols – bronze value blocks
    • Four building symbols – silver value blocks
    • Five building symbols – gold value blocks

    Note the progress bar at the top of the screen. Every time you land on a building symbol these progress bars will increase, indicating how much more you need to complete construction of your castle as well as the value of the property in relation to the dowry it attracts.

  • Royal Wedding – For every castle that’s completed, the Royal Wedding bonus feature will be triggered, bringing you to a screen where you have the chance to choose one of three potential admirers for the kings daughter or son to marry. Each of the suitors is worth a different value, represented in the progress bar at the top left of the screen. It’s up to you to choose which admirer the princess/prince will marry. Once you’ve made your choice, the prize money for the wedded couple will be added automatically to your bankroll and you’ll progress further into the game.
  • Player ranking and achievements – once you’ve completed a castle build and the happy couple have moved on in, you receive higher achievements the more castles you have under your belt. Starting with your first castle, you’ll earn the title of Building Worker, increasing through 30 different job titles like Veteran Master Builder, Grand Master Builder and Construction Expert before finally reaching Imperial Castle Builder upon construction of your 31st castle.

For every five castles you complete, you’ll also be rewarded with an achievement medal, with a different payout awarded upon the presentation of each.

Where to play Castle Builder online

Although Castle Builder was developed by Rabcat, the game was released in partnership with Microgaming so you’ll find it at all Microgaming powered casinos along with many other reputable casino sites including the following:

These secure casinos not only accept wagers in AUD but also allow you to try Castle Builder for free in demo mode before committing to any real money bets.

OnlineCasinoSite verdict on Castle Builder

When playing Castle Builder, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the advancing nature of the game that you can forget you’re playing a casino game. The dollars can easily rack up while you’re focused on getting that next piece of building equipment to construct your castle or hoping to move onto the next chapter of the map.

Depending on your personal preference, that will either be the huge draw card or the deal breaker for Castle Builder. Players who love level-up style video games will easily fall in love with this game, while more dedicated pokies players might find all these extras a distraction from the main focus of earning the big bucks.

Regardless, Castle Builder is a must try game for all online casino punters as there’s nothing else quite like it currently available (NetEnt’s Steam Tower is along the same realm but not quite on the same level). The unique format and innovative gameplay features needs to be experienced at least once, while for some it will become the go-to game for more adventurous video game style play.

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