Dragonz pokies review

Dragonz pokies review

Microgaming’s latest online pokies game Dragonz reminds us a little of Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon film franchise – with a fun, albeit simple gaming experience and stellar artstyle. With nice betting variation and 243 ways to win, you can certainly walk away with heavy pockets after playing Dragonz.

United States Where to play Microgaming's Dragonz online pokies

Where to play Microgaming's Dragonz online pokies

How to play Dragonz

Dragonz online pokiesDragonz is a 5-reel slot which offers 243 ways to win. There’s nice betting variation, starting at as low as $0.40 all the way up to $30, so it’s a slot for any type of player regardless of bankroll. It’s playable across desktop, mobile and tablet devices at any of our recommended Microgaming casinos, where you can sign up for welcome bonuses and play for real money.

The symbols on the wheels cover the four main dragon characters — Flint, Switch, Frost and Gobble — and each is specifically themed to tie into one of the game’s many bonus features. You have a chance to win an insane 3,583 times your stake, so there’s plenty to get out of this dynamic slot.

The betting details for Dragonz are as follows:

  • Minimum bet per spin – $0.40
  • Maximum bet per spin – $30
  • Scatter – Yes
  • Wild – Yes
  • Bonus rounds – Yes
  • Free spins – Yes
  • Jackpot – 3,583x initial stake

Audio and graphics

In typical Microgaming fashion, Dragonz is light in the way of animations and snazzy presentations, but it still offers a light-hearted and suitably simple design. As mentioned above, Dragonz takes obvious inspiration from a popular animated film series, but that doesn’t really diminish the value here as the game runs smoothly and is pleasant on the eye. There are some solid 3D graphics in place here, offering up a fantastic cartoony presentation that makes the slot feel alive enough when the bonus rounds are initiated. It’s not groundbreaking or particularly memorable, but it gets the job done on the presentation front.

Dragonz gameplay and bonus features

Dragonz gameplay features and symbolsWhile playing Dragonz, you want to keep an eye out for the Wild symbol on reel 3 whenever you don’t have a winning spin. Doing this will trigger the Wild Deal feature, which can lead to big wins.

This will give you additional extra wilds, and is a fantastic way to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, even on a losing spin. It leads to a guaranteed win, so if you have a nice spread of one or two dragons across the reels to accompany the Wild, expect a big return.

Ideally, you want to get as many of the four little Dragonz on your spin as possible. Each has their own personality and game, and when you initiate the free spins with the scatter, you’ll play one of the four Dragon-themed games based on each personality.

Let’s take a deep look at the gameplay and bonus features in Dragonz.

  • Wild: The Wild symbol can appear on any of the reels. If you land a Wild on the third reel on a losing spin, this will initiate the Wild Deal feature, which adds a random number of additional Wilds for a guaranteed win.
  • Scatter: If you get three or more scatters across the reels, you’ll trigger the Free Spins feature.
    This is divided into four random games:
    • Red Dragon:
    • This offer 10 free spins with flaming Wilds. Flint can fire wilds onto the reels, with up to 10 wilds appearing across the reels.

    • Purple Dragon:
    • This offers 10 free spins with stacked wilds. Whenever a Wild appears, Switch stores it: once he has three, these wilds are randomly distributed across the reels for a guaranteed win. Free spins are continuous until all Wilds have been used.

    • Blue Dragon:
    • This is 10 free spins with Frosty Wilds. This freezes Wilds in place until they win, meaning you can have multiple wilds across the reels for a huge win.

    • Green Dragon:
    • This offers Winning Wilds with 10 free spins. Gobble will spit wilds onto the reels, which stick until they are part of a winning spin.

Where to play Dragonz

You can play Dragonz at many of our recommended sites, which all host Microgaming online pokies software. All are verified by industry watchdogs like eCOGRA, are safe and regulated for player deposits, and have hundreds more pokies on offer from Microgaming and other leading game developers. Refer to our casino table above for the full list of our top-rated sites.

You can also check out our online slots review page for more awesome slot games.

The Final Verdict

Dragonz offers some interesting ways to play. There’s some nice variation with the free spins and wilds, and certainly some big ways to win with more than 3,000 times your initial stake. Its bonus features aren’t groundbreaking or particularly memorable, and Dragonz might seem a little run-of-the-mill, but if you’re after a solid and at-times highly rewarding slot, it’s certainly worth checking out.