Jackpot 5x Wins pokies review

Jackpot 5x Wins pokies review

It’s rare these days we see a new classic-style pokies game unveiled, which is exactly what Rival has done with Jackpot 5X Wins.

United States Rival online pokies casinos

Rival online pokies casinos

This pokies game tips its hat to the days of the one-armed-bandit, back before video pokies came about and reels started including the level of animation and bonus features we find online today.

This classic pokies game is full of nostalgia, with a progressive jackpot and super crisp graphics to solidify its place amongst the modern titles.

How to play Jackpot 5X Wins

As a classic pokies game, Jackpot 5X Wins only features three reels and three paylines, making it incredibly easy to play. Coins are set at 0.25 each, so all you need to do is select the number of coins and number of lines you wish to bet per spin – one, two or three of each. To play the highest amount possible, simply hit the ‘bet max’ button. If you don’t want to keep hitting the spin button each time, you have the option of activating the auto-play feature where can choose for the computer to play a certain number of spins on your behalf.

The game specifics for Rival’s Jackpot 5X Wins pokies game are as follows:

    Jackpot 5X Wins online pokies

  • Coin sizes – 0.25
  • Maximum coins per line – three
  • Maximum coins per spin – nine
  • Minimum bet – $0.25
  • Maximum bet – $2.25
  • Scatter – No
  • Wild – Yes (Jackpot 5X Wins logo)
  • Bonus rounds – No
  • Free spins – No
  • Jackpot – Progressive
  • RTP – 94.77%

The pay table sits permanently along the side of the reels, so you can clearly see how much you stand to win if lining up a winning combination. All wins are automatically credited to your online casino account, all you need to do is place your bets and hope lady luck pays you a visit.

Jackpot 5X Wins gameplay features and bonuses

Given the classic pokies style used in Jackpot 5X Wins, you won’t find many special features here. It is a straight forward game using traditional pokies symbols like cherries and lucky sevens, although the inclusion of a wild symbol sets this game apart from older classic pokies.

There are no bonus features, but the progressive jackpot makes up for it. The jackpot increases every time real money bets are played on Jackpot 5X Wins anywhere across the shared network, and during our testing the jackpot was sitting well over the $10K mark and growing by the second. For your chance to activate the progressive jackpot, note the maximum bet must be in place.

The progressive jackpot is triggered by the appearance of three of the 5X symbols appearing over all three paylines. This is the games most rewarding symbol, where lining up two 5X symbols will earn you 3000 coins and one will earn you 1500 coins.

Where to play Jackpot 5X Wins for real money

Despite Rival’s solid reputation as a premium online gaming developer, Rival games are only found at a handful of our recommended online casinos. If you’re looking for a safe and reputable place to try your luck at Jackpot 5X Wins, Slots Million gets our vote. You’ll find Jackpot 5X Wins along with over 1100 other real money pokies here, available for instant-play directly over your web browser. Slots Million accepts deposits using trusted payment method like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and bank transfer.

OnlineCasinoSite’s verdict on Jackpot 5X Wins

As far as classic pokies go, Jackpot 5X Wins is probably one of the best. Thanks to the addition of the progressive jackpot, there is a lot more excitement and winning potential than most three reel pokies, although if you can’t afford to play the maximum bet needed to trigger the jackpot, your money might be better spent elsewhere.

Rival’s Jackpot 5X Wins is great for those who like a throwback to the old-school, those who prefer the simplicity of three reel games, or newbies who want a basic starting point to the online pokies world. You won’t find ground-breaking graphics or innovative bonuses, but you will get an attractive, solid classic pokies game with some sweet rewards.

For more great online slot games, check out our online slots review page.

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