South Park pokies review

South Park pokies review

A South Park fan really couldn’t ask for more from a slot with this latest offering from NetEnt. Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny all feature in this 5-reel, 25-payline slot, which offers a stack of Sticky Wilds and Bonus Rounds to make for a gaming experience just as crazy as the show itself. With some hilarious clips to offer even more bang for your buck, South Park is yet another home run from NetEnt.

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How to play South Park

South Park pokies by NetEntOffering up the option to play 25 different paylines, South Park provides a number of different ways to win big. Simple gameplay features, such as lining up character symbols across any of the paylines, means there are some easy ways to unlock highly-rewarding features.

South Park from NetEnt really excels in the sheer number of bonus rounds it offers: Wild symbols substitute for all symbols (even in Bonus rounds), while four different Bonus Rounds – one for each character — allows you to spread your bankroll across a highly rewarding and fun slot. Its wide betting range also make it an accessible game for all players regardless of bankroll.

The specifics for South Park are as follows:

  • Coin sizes – 0.25 – 25
  • Minimum coins per spin – 1
  • Maximum coins per line – 5
  • Minimum bet – 0.25
  • Maximum bet – $125
  • Scatter – No
  • Wild – Yes x5 (Regular WILD, Character WILD)
  • Bonus rounds – Multiple
  • Free spins – Yes
  • Jackpot – No
  • RTP – 93.60%

Audio and graphics

As far as licensed slots go, South Park is a great celebration of its source material. It nails the obnoxious animations and crude humour of the series proper, and bundles in a stack of memorable quotes, scenes and gags that have defined the series for almost two decades.

Even obscure characters like Mr Hanky and Terrance & Phillip make appearances, randomly dropping in to mark Sticky Wilds on reels, which can lead to some big wins. Each of the four main characters’ bonus rounds tie into storylines from the show, such as Stan’s vomiting whenever his crush Wendy shows up: keep Stan vomiting by landing additional Sticky Wilds, and keep the bonus round running!

The challenge for licensed games is always to create a product that feels like it’s part of the source material’s universe. All too often we see half-hearted efforts that simply rely on character faces and some subtle audio cues. The funny thing about South Park is that it relies on the same simplicity of the series, so while it’s not extravagant in design or animation, it’s perfectly suited to the South Park license.

South Park gameplay and bonus features

South Park online pokies special gameplay featuresThe gameplay and bonus features are thankfully where South Park really stands out as a must-play slot. As a fan of the series you’re certainly going to be impressed by the overall presentation, but the game’s multiple bonus rounds, wilds, sticky wilds, and just general juvenile sense of reward makes it a lot of fun to play.

Wilds appear often, substituting for any symbol, although they can’t double as Bonus symbols. The four Bonus Games are activated in a really unique way: land two regular Bonus symbols on reels 3 and 4, along with a character bonus symbol on reel 5, and unlock that character’s corresponding bonus round.

Each bonus round is unique: some offer simple free spins, others offer multipliers, while others have sticky wilds to add additional free spins. The variety on offer is really quite amazing, making NetEnt’s South Park not just one of the best licensed slots you can play, but one of the more rewarding slots overall.

The entire South Park slot experience plays out like an episode of the show: it could start off slow, but then end up in completely crazy territory, at odds with how it all started off. It’s part of the ride and why the show is so great, and the slot really nails that confronting sense of humour and wackiness, with rewarding features and the potential for some paydays that will have you celebrating and laughing hysterically at the same time.

Scatters and Wild symbols

There’s no jackpot in South Park, which is admittedly disappointing, but when you consider the sheer amount of random sticky Wilds, bonus games and free spins, you probably won’t even notice. You can still win up to 1.25 million coins, so as you can imagine, there’s the potential to win big.

  • Regular Wilds
    These Wilds can appear on any reel during a regular spin, as well as in the Kyle Bonus spin. These symbols substitute for any symbol, and will automatically choose the highest winning combination across all played lines.
  • Bonus Games
    Line up two Bonus symbols anywhere on reels 3 and 4, plus a character bonus symbol on reel 5 to activate that character’s game.
  • Kyle Bonus
    Ten free spins. A Wild on reel 5 will initiate an additional Ike mini-game, in which Ike will land on a tile under the reels to activate another bonus. Ike can land on multipliers or coins, or a +3 tile, which is an additional 3 spins. Landing on the coins symbol can earn you thousands of coins, depending on what your bet level is.
  • Kenny Bonus
    This bonus is broken up into three seperate “levels”: The Win Zone, Multiplier Zone, and Danger Zone. In The Win Zone, you can earn coins. In the Danger Zone, you can win coins by helping Kenny avoid the trap. In the Multiplier, there are big multipliers (obviously) available.
  • Cartman bonus
    This bonus round can be one of four random outcomes: coin win, 2x win, reset, or game over. You can win anywhere between 5000 and 50,000 coins, depending on bet level.
  • Stan Bonus
    This free spin bonus starts with a sticky wild in the middle reel. You need to keep Stan vomiting by landing on additional wilds. Each Wild is active for two spins, and you’ll keep getting free spins so long as there is a Wild active on the screen.
  • Terrance & Phillip
    These two trouble-makers appear at random and will drop three Wilds for the duration of the spin anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4, substituting for all symbols except the Bonus and paying the highest possible combination.
  • Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo
    Similar to Terrance & Phillip, Mr Hanky is completely random and can drop three Wild symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5. There’s the potential for two extra Wilds, making for a total of five Wilds on a single spin.
  • Cartman mini-feature
    This features grants three Beefcake Wilds in a row on reels 2, 3 and 4, which means you’ll definitely win on the spin. Substitutes for all symbols except wilds, while paying out the highest winning combination on the spin.

As you can see, South Park is packed with bonus rounds, free spins, Wilds, and random mini-features. Few games offer as much gameplay depth as this.

Where to play South Park

You can play South Park at many of our recommended sites, including those listed in our casino table at the top of this page, all which host NetEnt online pokies software. All are verified by industry watchdogs like eCOGRA, are safe and regulated for player deposits, and have hundreds more pokies on offer from NetEnt and other game developers. You can use the links in our table to read detailed reviews of each casino or sign up to claim exclusive new player welcome bonuses.

Our Final Verdict

As a South Park-themed slot, you really couldn’t ask for any more from this game. It has the perfect blend of off-beat humour and other in-jokes from the show, not to mention plenty of winning potential from its multiple bonus rounds and Wilds. It lacks a jackpot, but with a huge 1.25 million coins to potentially win, four different Bonus rounds, random mini-features, free spins, and different Sticky Wilds, NetEnt’s South Park slot is just as crazy and rewarding as the show it’s based on.

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