Super Nudge 6000 pokies review

Super Nudge 6000 pokies review

If you’re an avid land-based pokies machine player and want a title which mirrors the simplistic nature found at brick and mortar casinos, Super Nudge 6000 will be sure to satisfy. Created by Net Entertainment, this title offers a classic fruit machine feel with just five paylines – but the best part is it has a higher RTP percentage than land-based classic poker machines.

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How to play Super Nudge 6000

When you open the pokie you will notice there are two sets of reels. The bottom set is the main base game where you can play a minimum bet of $0.10 and maximum bet of $10 – so high rollers my not enjoy the limits. The top set of reels is dependant on how much you’ve won and whether you choose to play the,

The base game offers 3 reels and two bet options – bet level one with one active payline and all wins collected, and bet level 10 with all five paylines activated and the choice between collecting winnings or going to the supermetre mode (see below).

    Super Nudge 6000 classic-themed online pokies by NetEnt

  • Coin sizes: 0.10, 0.20 and 1.00 represented by the 10, 20, and 1 coins in the bottom right hand corner
  • Minimum coins per spin: 1 (Bet level 1)
  • Maximum coins per spin: 10 (Bet level 10)
  • Minimum bet per spin: $0.10
  • Maximum bet per spin: $10
  • Scatter: No
  • Wild: No
  • Free spins: No
  • Bonus features: Yes (Nudges and Supermetre)
  • Jackpot: 6000 coins
  • RTP: 97%

There’s no audio other than the mechanical pokies sounds on a spin and on a win, but if you don’t want to hear these noises you can mute them via the audio icon in the bottom left hand of the screen.

Super Nudge 6000 symbols

Like a true classic pokie, Super Nudge 6000 features all the fruit symbols we’ve come to know and love.

In the main game – or on the main reels – there’s oranges, lemons, grapes, watermelons, the Liberty Bell, and dollar signs. You just need to spin a winning combination on at least one of the five paylines to score a payout. This sees a minimum of 10 coins in bet level 1 and 20 coins in bet level 10, by spinning three oranges, and a maximum of 200 coins in bet level 1 and 6000 coins in bet level 10 by spinning three dollar signs.

The paytable is alongside the reels so you can easily view what you can win.

There’s no Scatter or Wild symbol here, but there is another set of reels which include a few new symbol additions including pears, 7’s, cherries, and crowns, with a minimum of 20 coins on offer by spinning three pears, and a maximum of 6000 coins on offer by spinning three crowns.

Super Nudge 6000 bonus features

There isn’t any special Wilds or multi-level bonus rounds but there is a unique bonus feature to this classic title.

Play with bet level 10 activated and when you score a winning combination you will have the option to ‘Collect’ and continue to play the base game, or you can click ‘Spin’ instead to move to the reels at the top of the screen for a chance at increasing your winnings.

Here you will receive one to three Nudges depending on how much you won in the base game. Nudges will automatically take place to give you the highest possible win and you can win up to 6000 coins here.

The spins do cost you, and will be deducted from your winnings. However, your winnings will increase every time you win here too, as shown in the Supermetre box. Be careful however, you can use up all your winnings trying to score a win with the Nudges – so try to know when to collect your winnings.

This isn’t a huge bonus feature, so if you aren’t one for a simplistic classic fruit machine you may not enjoy this title – if you are, you will love it.

Our final verdict

If you are a fan of simple classic pokie machines, you may not even want to bother with bet level 10, but if you like the sound of the Nudge feature be sure to activate the betting option. Additionally, it is important to note the 97% RTP only applies for the bet level 10 option.

The best tip to keep in mind when playing this title is to know when to collect your winnings. At one point we managed to spin three crowns with our first Nudge spin and received a huge payout of 800 coins – which we knew then was the best time to collect. Overall, this is a simple game perfect for the classic pokies players.

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