Argentina Online Casinos

Argentina Online Casinos

Argentina is the second largest country on the South American continent, bordering Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia. As it stands, the country is the leader when it comes to gambling in South America, featuring over 70 land-based casinos for people to play their favourite games in. The largest of these is the Trilenium Casino located in Tigre. As it stands, the most luxurious casinos in the country are visited by both locals as well as foreign players, making them also somewhat of a tourist destination. Of course, we’re here to find out how the online gambling world looks for the country, so let’s learn more about it.

The Best Argentinian Casino Sites

United States Argentina Online Casinos

Argentina Online Casinos

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Can You Gamble Online from Within Argentina?

Online gambling is actually legal in Argentina. These platforms, which are accessible to both citizens of the country and foreign players, are licensed and regulated by the authorities of specific provinces. This is exactly the same as the licensing for land-based casinos in the country. In actuality, the first legal internet casino became an entity there in 2002, giving Argentina somewhat of a grand history with online gambling. Furthermore, there is nothing to stop players from the country accessing offshore platforms either, with many of these being available in both Spanish and English language.

Because of both the online legality of gambling and the offline standing of casinos, Argentina actually holds a very rich and lavish industry in this sector. This doesn’t just relate to casino gaming either, as the country also has a strong love for sports betting. Therefore, Argentine bettors are able to pretty much satisfy their gambling needs wherever they choose. The country even has its own casino cruise ships as well, meaning that people can cruise down the river whilst playing on their favourite casino games. Therefore, to put it simply, Argentina has quite the liberal stance towards gambling on the whole.

This gives citizens of the country the ability to gamble in whatever way suits them best. Online or offline. Fortunately, the online sector is constantly growing as well, and residents can also take their business to offshore casinos and sportsbooks, if they so choose.

What games can I play online?

There are 100s of different slots games and table game variants that you can play at online casinos and in-particular from Argentina. These include from some of the biggest iGaming software operators in the world.

Some of the most popular online games include:

Argentine Peso Deposit Options

Online casinos based in Argentina are always available in Spanish and will generally always allow for deposits and gameplay to be done in the Argentine peso. That being said, if a player opts to utilise an offshore online casino, this will not always be the case. While it is possible to find certain sites that will allow deposits in the national Argentinian currency, the vast majority of them don’t provide this service. Therefore, it’s most likely that the US dollar will be available to use instead. Regardless of which, some of the possible payment methods that you can use as an Argentinian player at online casinos include:

Overall Gambling Status in Argentina

It’s always great to find a country that has such liberal rules regarding gambling. Argentina certainly is one such location that can boast this. Everything began with sports betting in the country back in 1882 and gambling as a whole has grown in a big way ever since. It’s also nice to discover that Argentina has never officially banned or made gambling illegal throughout its entire existence in the country. That’s something that has remained across the board too, whether it be for casino gaming or sports betting and other offerings. And while today, it is necessary to hold a gambling licence in order to legally operate and provide such services, even throughout the years, Argentina hasn’t really had such issues with corruption as far as gambling games go.

The government of the country is quite willing to allow its residents to gamble at its own online and offline platforms, as well as register and play at those located offshore. Therefore, Argentinian players are given quite the freedom to satisfy their gaming enthusiasm as they choose. The country actually has 71 different cities that provide gambling facilities, with over 100 brick-and-mortar establishments offering such options. Buenos Aires is the largest gambling city in Argentina, possessing eight of these gambling facilities. On the continent of South America, online gambling’s legislation differs from country to country, but Argentina has managed to stand out as being perhaps the most liberal of all in this respect.

Online casino and gambling laws in Argentina

Gambling in Argentina can be traced back to 1882, when the Jockey Club came about. This was the first place that Argentinian residents could participate in horse race betting. It was with the implementation of this that horse racing events grew, as did the ability to place wagers on them. While horse racing remains at large, betting on football matches takes more of a precedence over it. By the year of 1979, the first betting system had been brought into place, extending the sports betting options across the whole country.

Perhaps its most important year though, was 2002. It was at this time that the very first gambling licence was handed out to a local internet casino. In the proceeding years, four more online platforms received such licences from Argentinian regulatory bodies and there’s the potential for even more to be given out too. Sports betting platforms became available online in 2006 as well, ensuring that online bettors can benefit from both casinos and sportsbooks.

Further to this, Argentina has also set up its own laws that are aimed at helping players with gambling addiction. While such only became available in 2016, the laws have brought certain measures into place in order to assist such problem gamblers. These laws include an international helpline and the stricter terms relating to unlicensed casinos.

Today, Argentina has a wide rage of land-based and online casinos that provide real money gambling. These are able to provide slots, table games, video poker and much more to the residents of Argentina, as well as to foreigners who either visit the country or choose to sign up online.