Bombay Live launches brand new live casino game, Dragon Tiger

The live casino Bombay Live has added Dragon Tiger to its inventory of games.

Dragon Tiger is a thrilling and elegant live casino game that gives players an unequaled and one-of-a-kind gaming experience. The game is described as being of “high-quality” and “lightning-fast” speed, and it is said to resonate strongly with players while also providing outstanding visual and 3D sensations.

The Dragon Tiger is a clear and simple two-card game where players are asked to make a decision: they must choose whether the card that is selected will be a fiery dragon or a powerful tiger. After that, the dealer will show their card, and if the players make a good choice, they have a chance to win a multiplier that’s worth x1000.

Players have the opportunity to increase their chances of winning by making bets on both ‘Lucky Paws’ and ‘Lucky Claws’ a game that is both thrilling and captivating in its animation. If both the dragon and the tiger make an appearance, the winner is determined by the card with the highest value.

The Chief Product Officer for Bombay Live, Taago Tamm, noted that the company is very satisfied and happy with the new addition.

“We’re delighted to have extended our product portfolio with another captivating and premium live casino product,” he said.

This phenomenal game is made even better by Bombay Live’s one-of-a-kind Mystic 5 side bet. In this side bet, players have the opportunity to predict the outcomes of the subsequent five rounds, and they could win multipliers of up to x888. An innovative mechanism that provides players with greater control over their gaming tactics by allowing users to plan bets throughout active rounds and then change them up until the point at which the betting duration is reached.

Tamm also gave an explicit description of the visual quality of the game and promised that gamers would have a fun-filled time playing it.

“Our Dragon Tiger is an amazing live casino game that gives players a beautiful and immersive visual experience, complete with alluring 3D animations filling the screen, while its simple gameplay means all levels of players can enjoy this latest release that we are extremely proud to bring to market,” Tamm continued.

Bombay Live is committed to maintaining its commitment to speedily expanding its offering across the globe, with the goal of bringing cutting-edge and creative goods to the market that will result in more enjoyable and profitable live casino experiences for its customers.

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