Four Las Vegas heists in the one week cause players concern

American casinos robbed

American casinos robbed

Four separate robberies have taken place at four Las Vegas casinos in the past week, but local authorities have revealed they’re not connected.

The latest incident took place at SLS Casino on Monday at 9am, where a man jumped over the counter, stole the money and ran off between the slot machines and out the door – a lot less sophisticated than an Ocean’s 11 heist.

Although the incident left no US casino players hurt, bystanders did express concern at how easily the thefts occurred.

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The theft is the fourth to occur within a six-day period, with an armed robber stealing cash from behind a cage at the New York New York Casino last Wednesday. On the same day, three players stole chips from a table game at Harrah’s, while another armed robbery took place at the Ellis Island Casino on Saturday.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department commented on the casino heists, stating that they do not believe they’re connected, though they’re investigating any links. Due to their policies, authorities have not released the total money/chips stolen since it could encourage future thefts.

Security did not chase after the suspects in any of the incidents, which professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Mehmet Erdem has explained is standard practice. According to the professor, casino operators have to find the right balance with security being visible as it can make casino players uncomfortable.

The amount of cash stashed at a land-based casino, combined with a lack of armed security makes these venues ideal targets, according to retired Las Vegas Police Lieutenant, Randy Sutton.

Serving as Crime and Safety Expert for local television station KTNV, Mr Sutton said criminals feel they won’t face any consequences – low risk for a high reward.

Security footage has not been released for the robbery at SLS, but the suspect was seen wearing a hoodie.

CCTV caught the other three incidents on camera, and police are appealing to the public to come forward with any information about the crimes.

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