Check out Gamblit Gaming’s virtual reality zombie gambling game

Gamblit Gaming

Gamblit Gaming In their first major attempt of modernising the gambling industry, Gamblit Gaming will be showcasing a real money version of The Brookhaven Experiment this week.

The combination of an increasingly popular virtual reality games and the ability to gamble on whether you, or the player, will survive zombie attacks, will be available to trial at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas from September 27 to 29.

The VR game has been created due to a partnership between the team behind the original version, Chicago-based Phosphor Games, and Gamblit Gaming, with the addition of wagers ranging from a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $50.

The game will also be presented in the form of a Virtual Reality Cube (VCR), which sees the HTC VIVE in a VR room, fit with fog, an in-floor subwoofer, and spatial audio for the player. Additionally, spectators can watch and also gamble on the outcome via external monitors and tablets, integrating a social aspect which gambling can sometimes lack.

Chief Marketing Officer of Gamblit Gaming, Darion Lowenstein, commented on the possibility of match fixing which this new social element brings, in an interview with GamesIndustry.Biz.

“The way the betting works is spectators are betting on how well the player does with specific goals – the same ones the player has, not things like dying or losing,” he said.

“So, the player is incentivised to complete their challenges and survive, as are the spectators. Everyone benefits if the player does well, not if they lose.”

The original VR game where the player enters a realm of shooting and survival, has already garnered 50 million views and CEO of Phosphor Games, Justin Corcoran, praises its appropriateness for this new gambling platform.

“Gamblit is the leader in this new vision for the casino floor, and we could not be happier in partnering with them to have Brookhaven, already a hit at home and in arcades, be a hit for the VRC as well!”

Gamblit Gaming are quickly rising to the forefront in the gaming industry as they take on the age divide found at land-based casinos.

“But when you look at the core gambling experiences that are on the floor, there’s a reason that their 21 to 45-year-old crowd, which is the biggest demographic coming on to the floor, isn’t gambling,” Lowenstein continues in the interview.

“They’re coming there for the entertainment experiences, but there’s nothing that speaks to them because a slot machine doesn’t speak to someone that grew up playing Super Nintendo and Xbox and now plays Candy Crush and Clash of Clans on their phone.”

While we will see the project on display at the expo, the two companies are still discussing distribution plans, which we will report on over the coming months here.

Australians cannot access the Brookhaven Experience yet, but rest assured we will keep you up to date if the status quo changes. You can read more about Gamblit Games here.

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