Guts Casino’s poker room has a progressive jackpot up for grabs

Bad Beat Guts poker

If you haven’t made an alias for yourself at Guts new poker room, now’s the time to do so with a huge progressive jackpot on offer for those who always seems to manage a bad beat.

If you seem to always lose, even with what should be a winning hand, you need to get playing for Guts’ Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot. The online casino, now offering a dedicated poker room, are giving their players the chance to win big, keeping in mind all the bad luck you may have on your side to make up for all those incredibly unfortunate losses.

To participate you’ll need to be a member with Guts online casino, which can be done so in just minutes by clicking our links. You will then need to make a poker alias to join the poker room, after you have funded your online casino account via the number of easy-to-use payment methods.

Then click the ‘Bad Beat’ ticker in the bottom right hand corner of any qualifying table (Hold’em only) to opt in. From here on out you will contribute €0.02 per hand towards the progressive jackpot.

Once you have opted in and you are contributing, you will be eligible to win the jackpot, which at the time of writing is up to €20,351. The jackpot will only go off when a player who has a hand of four of a kind, or better, loses.

Guts online poker

Other rules include:

  • The hand which sets the jackpot off must be played on the Hold’em tables only
  • The hand must be played on with €0.10 to €0.20 stakes and up
  • Both winning and losing hands must include both the hole cards
  • The losing hand must be Four of a Kind, 2s, or better
  • The hand must go to showdown
  • The hand must be raked and the contribution of the jackpot collected

The best part is even if the player who loses the hand isn’t part of the Bad Bead Jackpot promotion, the progressive will still go off and everyone at the losing table will receive a share, as follows;

  • The player with the losing hand (the bad beat): 40%
  • The player with the winning hand (the highest-ranking hand): 20%
  • Players at the table dealt into qualifying hand: 10%
  • Players playing at the same table stake levels: 10%
  • Amount that is used to see the next jackpot: 20%

What’s more, there isn’t any rake on the jackpot as it is all divided between the players.

The poker room at Guts is only new, but it is already attracting some of the best poker players on the Internet. So try your luck, or lack of luck, at Guts poker to win a share of a huge progressive jackpot simply with a bad beat.

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