Kindred Group to integrate Itsme mobile identification system

Its Me payments at casinos

Its Me payments at casinosKINDRED Group will incorporate a Belgium Government-backed mobile identification system for the European country.

The giant gambling company, formerly known as the Unibet Group, made the announcement it would now support “Itsme” on Monday.

Itsme is supported by the three major banks and two telecommunications companies in Belgium and will streamline the mobile sign in process by allowing customers to sign in with a five digit pin or fingerprint.

Verifying and validating your casino account can be a time-consuming process, but Itsme has proven to cut down on time in a safe manner and is easy to use.

Country Manager for Kindred in Belgium Dennis Mariën said the integration of Itsme showed the company’s commitment to continue to improve the gambling experience for Belgians.

“We are delighted to be the first operator to start working with itsme,” he said.

“Kindred values the best possible protection of its customers and strives to offer a safe and responsible gambling platform.

“The integration of tools such as the itsme app, which ensures reliable, correct and user-friendly identification of the customer, is a crucial part of this journey. Moreover, a comprehensive identification process will also help in the fight against fraud.”

Meanwhile, Late last week the Kindred Group announced a share repurchase of 3,642,752 SDRs.

This had been floated and touted the “buy-back mandate” at the AGM held on May 15.

The Kindred Group has over 21 million customers on its books at 11 different brands in both Europe and Australia.

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