Ezugi live dealer casinos

Ezugi live dealer casinos

Ezugi is fast leading the pack when it comes to live dealer casino platforms, continuously raising the bar for the virtual gaming industry and leaving online casinos and land-based casinos excited to see what they’re going to bring us next. Ezugi’s products and services provide users and casino operators with high-end, user friendly technology that aims to impress, excite and engage. The best Ezugi live casinos will be accessible across multiple platforms, including mobile and desktop, and have different table limits to suit different players. The top Ezugi gambling sites for 2022 are:

United States Top Ezugi Casino Sites

Top Ezugi Casino Sites

In a sense Ezugi has revolutionised live dealer casinos by putting their main focus into the social aspect of live casino gaming. This interactive edge Ezugi casino software is what’s keeping players so engaged and resulting in an enhanced gaming experience for users, with high returns for operators.

Their live casino games allow users to play for real money while interacting with other real life players, enabling them to see, hear and chat with other punters at the table as well as the dealers. While Ezugi casino games were one of the original software platforms to include a social aspect, they have continued to find new additions to their setup to keep them at the cutting edge of live casino play.

Ezugi’s range of games

Play live dealer Ezugi games at G'Day CasinoEzugi offer a range of sophisticated, high definition live casino games so vivid it’s like really being there, making them the perfect virtual platform for any lovers of land-based casino games. Offering all the casino classics, Eguzi’s portfolio of games include:

Play Ezugi’s live casino games for real money at trusted online casinos like G’Day Casino. G’Day Casino offers users the option to watch without betting, enabling players to get a feel for the game and the live gambling platform before committing to play for real money. G’day Casino makes payouts in Australian dollars and also offer new users a special welcome bonus to help boost your chances of winning.

Ezugi’s features and benefits

This is live casino gaming like you’ve never experienced before. Ezugi games remain true to the classic casino games, with real opponents and real dealers, the only difference being you can play from the comfort of your own home. No need to get dressed up for a night out at the casino, just kick back in your comfiest clothes and watch your winnings rack up! Think of the money you’ll save on drinks and taxi fare…

Each game comes with its own unique range of features and benefits, with the following generally expected from most Ezugi games across the line:

  • Multi player/multi seat options
  • Live chat between players
  • Live support chat from a helpful backline for any questions or assistance you may need
  • Video and audio controls
  • Live music on demand
  • Dealer tipping available
  • Player engagement that includes a share and invite tool, with links to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter

Other customisable features vary based on the nature of different games. An example of the further intuitive and interactive features that can be expected from a selection of Ezugi games are detailed below:

  • Live Keno – these real keno games are streamed live, with absolutely no pre recordings or random number generators, providing a fast and simple way to bet from home. Presented in full HD quality, new draws are done every few minutes, with different options to select from. There are configurable payouts, jackpots and limits per operator with mini games like pokies and other table games available on the side.
  • Live Lottery – similar to the Live Keno, Ezugi’s Live Lottery is streamed live in full HD. Games are streamed every four to six minutes with no pre-recordings or random number generators, keeping the exciting atmosphere of lottery betting thriving. Players have the option to bet on numbers, sums and colours and can also take advantage of a variety of mini games while they play lotto. Try out their exclusive Pick Six game for a twist on traditional lottery.
  • Hybrid Blackjack – this patented gaming system changes all expectations of online blackjack, increasing the standard limit of seven players per table to an unlimited number of players. Users can now play lower than a table’s minimum bet, making Hybrid Blackjack ideal for lower stake wagers and players new to blackjack. Side betting is also available with the potential for extra wagers from additional players.

Taking all of these ridiculously impressive features into consideration, it’s still the social aspect of Ezugi games that really takes the cake. Waging against real life players for real life money brings all the fun and excitement of gambling in a land-based casino to users wherever they are.

About Ezugi casino sites & software

Ezugi’s range of sophisticated products and services allow online and land-based casino operators to engage with their players in a live gaming environment in innovative and exciting new ways. This new movement in virtual gambling gives offline casinos and online operators the ability to reach new markets and expand their customer base.

Fully certified by the Curacao E-gaming licensing committee, Ezugi strongly supports a sound regulatory casino system while promoting responsible gambling. We’re talking about a company that prides itself on integrity, with all their gaming systems supporting safe gaming standards. Ezugi constantly reviews its practices to ensure it’s staying up to date with the latest in industry standards and meeting all industry regulations.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Ezugi provide players with the most realistic gaming experience on the market. The combination of high-tech HD graphics with customisable user preferences and social interaction is the kind of thing the online casino world has been waiting for. With a strong dedication to customer satisfaction and employing experts in the field, Ezugi has fast secured its place as a leader in the online gaming world. We can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next.

Ezugi’s mission is to make live casino games more exciting and engaging by supplying real time content that is both realistic and entertaining and it’s safe to say mission accomplished. Have a look through some of the games Ezugi offers on sites like G’Day Casino to see for yourself just how impressive these live games are.

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