Malta regulator to create licensee-wide self-exclusion register

Malta Gaming Authority self exclusion

Malta Gaming Authority self exclusionTHE Malta Gaming Authority will implement a self-exclusion system for all its remote licensees.

At the moment MGA-licensed online casinos are already expected to have their own self-exclusion tools available to consumers.

But there is no way to self-exclude from all casinos operating from Malta, meaning players can sign up at other websites.

The MGA said it was aware of the hole in the protection offered within its jurisdiction and said it was working towards a solution where players can self-exclude across all licensed gaming channels.

“The protection of players is at the heart of the MGA’s regulatory agenda, and this project further underlines our resolve to ensure that players have the necessary tools to engage in gaming services responsibly,” MGA Chief Executive Offer Heathcliff Farrugia said.

“Over the years we have witnessed efforts from gaming operators to implement various responsible gaming measures, and thus we strongly believe that the unified self-exclusion system will be well received by the industry and consumers alike.”

The MGA said it is also considering allowing casino operators in other jurisdictions to join the exclusion program, but they are under no illusion that to end with their desired result it will take careful planning.

The technical solutions being considered include leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology, with the proposals to be put up for public consultation, before a call for tenders for the implementation of the system.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission already has a similar system in place for land-based gambling venues, where you can exclude yourself from all venues.

The UKGC had hoped to have an online equivalent up and running by the end of Spring, but there is yet to be any movement.

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