The most insane casino games of all-time

The most insane casino games of all-time

Wondering what the craziest casino games to ever have been played are? This list will surely make you question the sanity of the people who created them, while the celebrity guests turn these games from the insane to the purely entertaining.

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1. Slapjack with Kevin Hart

Slapjack has to be one of the most insane blackjack variants available, and while Jimmy Fallon plays it with many of his guests on the Tonight Show, when Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon played it we were in hysterics.

Slapjack is a card game which has many versions – though Hart and Fallon’s version has to be funniest and the closest to blackjack. Their game is similar to the standard blackjack rules, only the dealer receives two up cards (instead of the usual one upcard and the other facing down), as does the player.

The player then makes a move as they would in blackjack to either Hit or Stand. The closest to 21, out of the player and the dealer, without going bust wins. The loser is then slapped in the face by a giant hand and a tally kept of who gets slapped the most.

Watch the video to view some of the funniest one liners, including Hart’s best: “They call 17 the mother in law… because you want to hit it, but sometimes you can’t”.

2. Tattoo roulette with One Direction

James Corden is normally known for his hilarious car karaoke skits, but this time he has put the car in park to play some roulette – tattoo roulette.

While you may not be a fan of boy bands in skinny jeans and crazy hair like One Direction, this has to be craziest version of roulette we have ever seen – besides Russian roulette of course.

There are five boxes and four contain the word ‘safe’, while the fifth contains the word ‘tattoo’. Each person will pick a box and whoever gets the word tattoo has to get a tattoo live on TV.

If Corden picks ‘tattoo’, he has to get ‘1D’ tattooed onto him, while if the one of the boys picks ‘tattoo’ they have to get ‘Late Late Show’ tattooed on them. The best part is when Nial, the blonde haired band member, goes to pick and since he has never had any tattoos, unlike any of his other band mates, he is actually shaking.

Watch the video to find out who picks the tattoo.

3. Egg Russian Roulette with Anna Kendrick

Jimmy Fallon seems like a gambling man as he is also behind the Egg Russian Roulette – an incredibly insane variant of roulette, but not as permanent as tattoo roulette.

Anna Kendrick, from Pitch Perfect, is pretty hilarious to watch, while Fallon is his usual comedic self as we watch them squash eggs on their head. The aim of the game is to pick from eight eggs, some are real and others are fake and then they have to smack them on their head.

While this isn’t exactly Russian roulette, the risk is high and smacking a yolky egg on your head can’t be fun. Watch the video below to see who gets yolky.

4.Wheel of Impressions with Seth McFarlane

Everyone loves having a spin of the Wheel at the casino, but when Fallon gets involved with the outcome we are guaranteed a good time.

When the Wheel is spun in the game Wheel of Impressions, instead of landing on a payout it will land on a certain celebrity and a certain topic and the player who’s turn it is has to give their impression. While there are many celebrities who participate, we have to say the episode featuring the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, is the best.

First up, MacFarlane lands Liam Neeson talking about Time Warner Cable which is absolutely hilarious. Then Fallon lands Jerry Seinfeld talking about Uber and his impression is quite incredible. Watch the whole video for probably the best Wheel game we’ve ever seen.

5. Water War with Ryan Reynolds

Jimmy Fallon needs to open his own casino with these crazy games with our final title on the list called Water War, based on the appealing casino game Casino War. And if you’ve seen Deadpool, you’ll know just how funny Ryan Reynolds is, so this variant is best played with him.

Casino War is a simple game and involves two players, or the player and the dealer, receiving a card and whoever’s card is the highest – based on poker rankings – is the winner. Players go to War when it is a tie. The only difference in Water War is the winning player gets to throw a glass on their opponent instead of receiving a payout, or a huge jug of water if they win War.

Things get interesting when the pair go to War but the best part is when Fallon ask Reynolds if he can see his nipples through his wet shirt. Watch the video to see Fallon’s interesting take on Casino War.

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