Paris legalizes blackjack, craps and sic bo in gaming clubs

Paris gambling news

Paris gambling news

Blackjack and craps have been officially legalized in gaming clubs in Paris, France. According to reports, this authorization was sent out last week, and in addition to these two games, a permit was given to bingo and sic bo (a popular Asian casino dice game) as well.

The boss of the Punto Club, Richard Frischer, reported that this new inclusion is an exciting move that will create leeway for the gaming industry.

“Blackjack is extremely popular. It is an offering that was really missing,” said Frischer. “But what all clubs have in their sights is roulette.”

This new development has been well received by gaming operators and gamblers all over the city. However, they are still clamoring for the legalization of roulette tables in casinos and gaming facilities. Many have urged the authorities to give the authorization before the 2024 Paris Olympics, when international tourism will be at peak levels.

Over the years, Paris has had rigid rules on gambling. With many other tourist attractions that drive visitors to the city, casinos and other gaming facilities have never been a primary factor.

In 2017, the authorities in charge of gambling made a move that could be described as relaxing some of the stringent rules they had in place. They did this by granting licenses to a select number of gambling clubs at a time when casinos were completely outlawed. Due to a law that was enacted in 1907 that prohibited casinos from operating within 100km of Paris, the vast majority of gambling establishments were compelled to migrate to seaside resorts in order to continue their businesses.

The cercles took the place of casinos and were operated by Corsicans with the permission of the French government because they had to defend them during the French Resistance in World War II. However, three of the cercles — Le Cercle Wagram, Le Cercle Haussman, and L’Eldo — were eventually shut down following the discovery of illegal activity and involvement with gangs. This brought about the inventory of gaming clubs as a replacement for the cercles.

Various sources have stipulated that this change in legislation comes as a result of the Macron government’s aim to increase revenue.

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