Two new pokies on the way at Joka Room Casino

Habanero online pokies

Habanero online slotsMembers at Joka Room Casino are in for a treat with not one, but two new online pokies games on the way this week.

What’s old is new again at iSoftBet with the launch of The Golden City, where players venture deep into the jungle in search of lost riches.

The game features cascading reels that allow you to rack up several wins per spin, while golden wilds and scatter symbols can turn modest combos into huge payouts.

Also landing at Joka this week is Nuwa, a fantastical new release from the wizards over at Habanero.

Inspired by the mother goddess of Chinese mythology, the game offers free spins and bonus rounds in a dreamy, delicate cloudscape.

These are just the latest in a string of online pokies releases at Joka, following the likes of Kongo Bongo, Pixie Magic and Vikings Winter.

The Golden City and Nuwa are both set to go live at on Tuesday, July 30.

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