Zimbabwe online casinos

ZIMBABWE citizens are legally able to play at online casinos based offshore, with these gambling sites featuring thousands of real money games. With the Zimbabwean Dollar dead as a useful currency most players will display their balance in US or Australian dollars although several other denominations are regularly used.

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Gambling online in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe actually has laws in place that allow gambling to take place, and it is becoming a much more popular entity to partake in. This is especially true of more recent years, with the decrease in unemployment and the increase in economy coming to the country. Many people turn to gambling as a potential source of bringing money in outside of the standard formal economy of Zimbabwe. It operates as one of the few African countries with a legal and regulated gambling industry. Casinos that choose to operate in Zimbabwe do require a gambling licence to be able to provide their services there. However, this is the only necessity to providing Zimbabweans with the possibility of playing casino games.

Even though online gambling is legal in the country, it hasn’t had such a huge penetration into Zimbabwe. This is due to the fact that internet operation there has been fairly limited in comparison to many other countries around the world. This is also the reason why Zimbabwe doesn’t have any online casinos operating from within the country. Internet speeds are generally slower there, meaning that online casinos don’t get the same sort of fluidity that ones operated elsewhere do. That being said, gamers can access foreign-based casinos, although this is not something that is directly regulated by the Lotteries and Gambling Board of the country. Therefore, while this could be considered an illegal activity, it’s not something that is punishable.

Zimbabwe casino games available

Real money games are readily available at 1000s of online casinos, with this basically meaning you can play any games you would find at a land-based casino in virtual form. This includes both things like online slots, video poker and other RNG games and of course there is also live games available, which means you will have a human dealer streamed onto your screen and you make your bets via a digital table – some even allow you to chat to other players on the table. Read our game guides to learn more about the specifics of each game:

Depositing different currencies at Zimbabwean online casinos

The currency status in Zimbabwe is probably quite different to most other countries in the world, because it actually utilises several currencies. The United States dollar is usually the official currency for the government, although multiple others come into play.

These include the South African rand, Botswana pula, euros, Australian dollars and more. Zimbabwean bond coins are also used in the country, but it doesn’t really have such an official currency to operate with for the time being.

That works quite well for online casinos, as US dollars and euros are generally accepted at a vast majority of them. Even pounds sterling can be found as a currency in Zimbabwe, so players there can fund their online accounts with whichever works best for them. Some of the depositing methods available include:

Gambling history & the future

The status of gambling in Zimbabwe is growing steadily. The fact that internet penetration has been so low in the country has meant that online gambling has stalled in particular. Yet, land-based casinos have been found within the country, with many sources highlighting eight large brick-and-mortar establishments. Three of these can be found within the country’s capital city, Harare. They are all operated within dedicated casino spaces – within hotels and tourist resorts, for example.
To add to this, the entirety of the gambling sector within Zimbabwe is legal and regulated by The Lotteries and Gambling Board. It is this regulatory body that ensures everything operates fairly and under control. This is done through the Lotteries and Gaming Act, which was brought into effect in 1998. Further to this, the board is trusted with the issuing of gambling licenses to gambling facilities. This counts for both online and offline operations, even though there isn’t a huge amount of information in relation to online gambling in the country’s laws. Yet, simply put, the status of gambling in Zimbabwe can be considered as something that is legal and on the up and up.

Online casino laws in Zimbabwe

The Lotteries and Gaming Act of 1998 makes mention of “electronic gaming devices” and that it has the aim of regulating and controlling “the development and operation of all lotteries and gaming activities”. Therefore, it can be safe to assume that online gambling is considered a part of this. Now, the online casino sector hasn’t really seen much activity, due to the aforementioned issues where the internet is concerned. Yet, as the country continues its growth economically, this is also expected to increase. Therefore, it could be that online gambling becomes more active within Zimbabwe in the coming years.

Additionally, the country’s residents do have the possibility of accessing foreign-based casino platforms, as it quite optional from many countries. Of course, this is not something that the country has the ability to regulate in any way. So, while this could potentially be considered as an illegal activity to participate in, the government has very little control over it. This means that while residents of the country can access foreign sites, they won’t be prosecuted for it by the Zimbabwean authorities. The minimum gambling age within Zimbabwe stands as 18, regardless of whether you’re participating in online or offline gambling. Furthermore, anyone winning money through gambling will also find that the money is taxable in Zimbabwe. Profits derived from casinos will have a 15% tax on them.

Geography of gambling in Zimbabwe

For those who don’t know, Zimbabwe is a country that rests in the southern half of Africa, being landlocked by the surrounding countries of South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. In actuality though, the country has been through a mass of turmoil to reach its present-day state. Since the 11th century, it has been the site of several organised states and kingdoms. It was in the 1890s though that the British South Africa Company of Cecil Rhodes demarcated the present area. It then became the British colony known as Southern Rhodesia in 1923, operating as a self-governing location. By 1965, the white minority government took the decision to unilaterally declare independence as Rhodesia, entering into a 15-year guerrilla war with black nationalist forces. A peace agreement was reached in April of 1980 and Zimbabwe went on to join the Commonwealth of Nations. However, the country withdrew from this in 2003, and it spent many years being governed by human rights violator Robert Mugabe. Yet, how has the gambling world fared through all of this upheaval?