China-Cambodia Diplomatic Relations to Include War on Illegal Gambling

In world circles, Cambodia is infamously known for illegal gambling, kidnapping and other criminal activities. However, recently the country’s government has been doing some house cleaning, especially tackling illegal gambling. It appears their efforts have caught the attention of other countries, as their next door neighbor, China has offered to help it flush out crime from its system totally.

China Lends a Helping Hand to Fight Trans-national Crimes

During a press briefing held by China’s ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian after the visit of Cambodia’s prime minister Hun Sen to China, the ambassador highlighted the strengthening diplomatic cords between the two countries. Of particular note in Wang’s speech, he said China is ready to help Cambodia tackle transnational crime, such as illegal, cross-border gambling, human trafficking and drugs.

Wang reiterated China’s commitment to working closely with Cambodia to eliminate criminal activities from the country. He said to the Khmer Times: “We are committed to working with the Cambodian authorities. We must prevent and crack down on transnational crime, human trafficking, drugs, illegal online gambling and other crimes.”

Fighting Illegal Gambling to be aided by Information transparency between both Countries

The ambassador explained that what was needed is a transparency of information between both countries. He called on Cambodia’s law enforcement to work hand-in-hand with China’s law enforcement to bring down crime in Cambodia.

Recently Cambodia has been on a crusade against illegal activities in the country, especially in the coastal town of Sihanoukville. There have been multiple reports of the town being a den for kidnappers, human trafficking– all linked to the countless illegal casinos in the town. Cambodia’s authorities are also making its legal casinos tow the straight and narrow, as it urges them to pay their taxes.

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