Denmark receives donations for responsible gambling research

Danish gambling news

Danish gambling news
Denmark is taking proactive measures to address gambling addiction and create a safer gambling environment for its customers through a new initiative. Leading this effort is the Danish Gambling Committee, which aims to conduct research and collaborate with experts in the field to promote responsible gambling practices.

To support its research endeavours over the next three years, the Danish Gambling Committee secured funding of DKK 12 million ($1.8 million). This funding was contributed by prominent gambling operators, including Danske Spil, Mr. Green, Betsson Group, Kindred Group, and These operators, already licensed by the Danish gambling authority, are reaffirming their commitment to responsible gambling through this donation.
Despite being known for its strict regulations, the Danish gambling market has experienced significant growth in the past decade, largely driven by online gambling. However, research on responsible gambling and problem gambling has struggled to be on the same level.

The Danish Gambling Committee aims to bridge this gap by focusing on key areas such as the treatment of problem gambling, prevention of gambling harm (particularly among vulnerable groups like young people), prevention of harm in online gambling, and the collection of valuable knowledge about problem gambling.

Leading the committee is Jørgen Frøkiær, the head of the department at the university, who will assume the role of chairperson. Joining him on the board are representatives from esteemed institutions such as the University of Copenhagen, the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University Hospital, and Aalborg University.

“We are pleased that the gaming companies are contributing to being part of the solution, and we are now looking forward to helping a research area well on its way, which has had a difficult time for many years,” Frøkiær, said concerning the donations.

Kate Jacquerot, the legal director responsible for responsible gambling at Danske Spil, expressed the company’s support for the creation of a secure and safe gambling market in Denmark. She emphasized the importance of independent research conducted by the Danish Gambling Committee to understand how best to prevent and support individuals showing signs of gambling addiction.

Kim Olesen, the general manager for Denmark and Italy at Kindred Group, highlighted the company’s commitment to investing in research that addresses problem gambling and addiction.

“We do not want to make money from players who have an unhealthy relationship with gambling,” Olesen said. “It is therefore important that we are able to help those who need help.”

Kindred Group aims to achieve zero revenue from problem gambling and emphasizes the need to avoid benefiting from individuals with an unhealthy relationship with gambling. Olesen further praised the Danish Gambling Committee’s efforts in developing innovative approaches to treat gambling addiction and prevent problem gambling.

By focusing on research and collaboration, Denmark aims to enhance its responsible gambling measures and safeguard the well-being of its citizens. The proactive approach taken by the Danish Gambling Committee and the support of leading gambling operators are positive steps towards a safer and more sustainable gambling market in the country.

The committee’s primary focus will revolve around four crucial areas: the treatment of gambling addiction, the prevention of harm among children and young people, addressing addiction in the realm of online gambling, and the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

With the committee’s formation underway, it is anticipated that they will begin accepting applications for new research projects at the start of July. This will pave the way for innovative studies that contribute to finding solutions in an area that has long faced challenges.

Frøkiær expressed satisfaction with the involvement of gaming companies in being part of the solution. He emphasized the importance of advancing research efforts, acknowledging the struggles the field has encountered over the years. The committee’s formation is seen as a significant step forward in tackling these issues.

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