German police cracking down on illegal gambling

Gambling in Germany

Gambling in Germany

Over the past few months, the German police have been working hard to track and close down illegal gambling spots in the country. Although gambling in Germany is legal, there are different rules and regulations in every state, hence the crackdown.

Over the years, Germans have been participating in all kinds of betting activities. This made the industry grow and with that came numerous unlicensed gambling spots across the country. For that reason, the police started to track down these illegal spots and ceased manipulated amusement and slot machines to protect innocent gamblers who fall prey to dishonest betting operators.

The operation was conducted by over 200 police officers and tax officials. Some of the states included in the crackdown were Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, and North Rhine-Westphalia, and more than 10 machines were seized during the crackdown in the different German states.

In most countries, regulating gambling has proven to be an uphill task. In Germany, for example, there are so many casinos that are licensed by reputable gaming commissions. But at the same time, several operators illegally offer gambling services to residents. Most of these illegitimate operators want to make money without having to follow the laid-out regulations in order to avoid paying taxes.

In most cases, these unlicensed gambling spots are usually money-laundering fronts that benefit organised crime. So, with the crackdown, the police were able to close down some of these spots and limit the spread of illegal gambling activities. Although the shutdown of these places seems like a win, the German police still have a long way to go.

As a gambler, it’s also important to be vigilant not to fall prey to these illegal betting operators. Several well-regulated real money online casinos accept German players. So, be on the lookout for these iGaming destinations.

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