Louisiana online casino gambling bill needs more consideration

Louisiana gambling bill

Louisiana gambling billLouisiana lawmakers have put out measures to expand online casinos in that state.

However, the plans are still in the consultation stage and further studies are needed before a conclusion is drawn, on the iGaming bill put forward by State Senator Danny Martiny. A Senate committee has already heard testimony to brainstorm on the pros and cons of allowing sports betting in the state.

It has been revealed that one of the bills on sports betting, also put forward by Danny Martiny, is in the advanced stage of approval and looks likely to go ahead

Martiny argued that the bills are to help Louisiana to recover from its financial woes which keep worsening. The state has not been able to return to its former glories ever since it was hit by hurricanes.

“I’m just telling you we’re broke, and nobody else has any ideas of how we can fix it,” Martiny said.

The Louisiana state is new to iGaming and therefore, the legislatures need to learn more to be abreast of it before passing the bill. The online gambling and sports betting bills need a referendum to become a law.

Effects of the Hurricanes of Louisiana

Louisiana, USA, had a very vibrant tourism industry, which employed about 165,000 workers. But after it was hit by hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2004 the state’s fortunes dwindled as resources were channelled into aid and hiring of workers to clean up the debris left behind by the storm. The devastating nature caused many resorts and casinos to close down while hotels and restaurants could not operate at full capacity for lack of workers.

A report by the Louisiana Tourism Forecast indicates that revenue from tourism declined by 34% after the hurricanes. In 2008, the state further went on its knees after been hit by hurricanes Ike and Gustav followed by the BP Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oppositions to the Bills

The Louisiana Video Gaming Association is opposing the bills since it will have a toll on their operations.

Members of the association operate video poker machines in travel centres, gas stations, bars and restaurant that generates the state about $320 million in revenue annually.

The chair of the association, Alton Ashy said, “This bill, Internet gaming, we think will devastate the industry because people are just going to stay home.” According to members of the association, the new bills will take jobs away.

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