Mexican Online Casinos

Mexican Online Casinos

When people think about Latin America, one of the biggest countries that comes to mind is Mexico. And with good reason. It’s the largest Spanish-speaking country in North America and the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. This gives it a large base of people to integrate themselves in online gambling. The question is, is this all legal from the country of Mexico? And what exactly are the laws and possibilities for Mexican gamblers today? Time to delve into the status of gambling in this country and find out more about its online options for gamers.

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Best Mexican Online Casinos

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Can you gamble online from Mexico?

Gambling in Mexico is a bit of a mystery, to put it bluntly. Alas, it remains as one of the few Latin American countries where gambling isn’t legal in its entirety. Despite this, it does keep taking steps towards incorporating legal gambling on a grander scale, even if they are small steps every year. As things stand at the moment, the laws are on a fairly relaxed level. Many options are available in offline circumstances, with sports betting getting quite the priority over anything else. This includes wagering on cockfighting, horse racing and dog racing on a vast level.

Looking at the online scene, this came into discussion a few years before the laws in the country were changed. At that time, the government went on to issue a select number of online licences. However, the catch to these licences was that platforms only catered to foreign gamers – meaning that anyone residing in Mexico was specifically banned from joining and gaming at them. That rule remains in place to this day, although there are multiple offshore platforms that allow and even welcome Mexican players to sign up and participate in online gaming. Many of these have their sites translated into Spanish too, enabling Mexican players to have a more personal experience.

With this being the case, it remains as a fact that while online casinos do exist within Mexico, they cater specifically to players out of the country. Therefore, the only way for Mexican players to access online casinos is to do so via one of the foreign platforms.

What casino games can I play from Mexico?

The beauty of the online realm is that there are 1000s of different games available to play, including many variants of favourites like slot, blackjack and video poker. To learn more about popular games online read our guides.

Mexican Peso Deposit Options

While many platforms are translated into Spanish, thereby catering to Mexican players, not as many of them provide the option for depositing in Mexican pesos. If this isn’t available at an online casino that accepts Mexican players, then it’s most likely that US dollars will be provided as an alternative instead. In both instances, online casinos will usually accept deposits from several payment methods, ensuring that gamers from Mexico have a choice of how to transfer funds. They include the following options:

Overall Gambling Status in Mexico

Gambling has certainly come a long way in Mexico over the years. And while most land-based operations are considered to be completely legal, the online world is another situation. Sports betting holds a bigger standing in the country with residents, although casino gambling isn’t so far behind. However, as stated, the only way for Mexican citizens to do this is by accessing online platforms that are based in other countries. Because the licensed online casinos in Mexico are only able to provide access to foreign players, the people of the country can only turn to offshore casinos for gaming entertainment. That being said, Mexico is actually considered to be the fastest-growing online gambling market throughout Latin America.

Alas, it’s quite simple these days to also find such offshore platforms allowing Mexican players to deposit and play in Mexican pesos too. Therefore, there’s definitely a market out there for such gamers to enjoy online casino games. As well as this, many casinos are also translated into Spanish, further catering to residents of Mexico. The government doesn’t really seem so pressed about seeking out people who take to online gambling at offshore platforms either. Therefore, while it’s not specifically legal, it doesn’t really come with any illegal punishments at the same time. After all, the country would basically be punishing residents for allowing them to do something that it in itself allows foreigners to participate in.

Online casino and gambling laws

The history of gambling in Mexico can actually be traced right back to the time of the Aztec civilisation. In the centuries proceeding on from that time, it has remained as part of the Mexican culture, coming to more prominence in the 19th century when the French tried to colonise the country. During this 30-year time period, casinos were found throughout the land. That all came to an end in 1911 when the Mexican Revolution took place and ended the rule of Porfirio Diaz. This also put a halt to the gambling industry in the country too.

The 1920s saw gambling return to some sort of high status, as at this time, American citizens went looking for legal locations to gamble outside of their own country. Alas, it wasn’t to remain for a long period of time. In 1935, the reformist president Lazaro Cardenas deemed it as an illegal activity, with an official law on this being passed in 1947. This law forced the vast majority of casinos to close their doors permanently.

Gambling has been brought up in many a debate since this time, with various arguments being brought forth both for and against the activity. It was in 2000 that Vicente Fox took over the role of the president in the country and he promised to bring in a law that would overturn the 1947 ruling. This never materialised, but it did force the Secretaria de Gobernacion of the country to take action that would regulate and licence the industry. By 2004, licences were being given out to land-based casinos and a few online casino licences were given out in proceeding years.

While it’s had a bit of a rocky journey, gambling in the online world for Mexico still has a bit of a way to go. Even though its online platforms provide locations for outsiders to enjoy casino games, the residents of Mexico still need to access offshore casinos to satisfy their gaming needs.