Microgaming progressive jackpot slots crown two more winners

Mega Moolah Slots game jackpot

Mega Moolah Slots game jackpot Two huge jackpot winners have been announced on Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network.

The first millionaire was playing at Grand Mandial Casino on April 19 when he hit a €4,603,056.85 jackpot, which he will receive as one payment.

“We all thought 2017 would be a hard year to top after the network paid out over €150 million in jackpots, but 2018 is shaping up to be a huge year for Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network,” Games Publisher at Microgaming David Reynolds said.

“Multi-millionaires have been made each month so far and we are incredibly proud to offer the largest progressive jackpot network in the industry.”

One of the most well known progressive slots jackpot networks, the Microgaming suite includes titles like Mega Moolah and has made a millionaire every month this year.

On January 14, a €2,424,117.20 jackpot went off at Zodiac Casino.

February’s big win came on the 27th when someone jagged at €4,769,344.11 bounty at Royal Vegas Casino.

Just days later, at Captain Cook’s Casino, another jackpot of €4,365,843.63 went to a mobile player.

On February 2, the Major Millions jackpot went off which netted a player €1,896,616.91 in winnings.

Slot games on both the Microgaming and Quickfire platform are available on the Microgaming progressive network. In its existence it has paid out €874 million.

How to win a Microgaming jackpot


To win a Microgaming jackpot you need to sign up at a casino which has these games. One of our favourite casinos that features progressive jackpot slots is JackpotCity.com, which is part of the Buffalo Group of casinos.

You can view all of our trusted Microgaming casinos and choose for yourself with over €2 million up for grabs currently on the network.

Microgaming games are not available in Australia, USA and China while the progressive games are not available in many other countries.

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