NGCB appoints Kristi Torgerson as Enforcement Division chief

Las Vegas gambling news
Las Vegas gambling news
Kristi Torgenson will take over as head of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Enforcement Division, which is responsible for ensuring gambling laws and regulations are followed in Las Vegas and the rest of the state.

J. Brin Gibson, the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), has appointed Kristi Torgerson as the new chief of the Board’s Enforcement Division, effective October 31, 2022. Before her appointment, Torgerson served as the deputy chief of NGCB. She is taking over from James Taylor, who is retiring on October 30, 2022, after serving on the Board for 27 years.

According to the official Twitter handle of the NGCB, @NevadaGCB, Torgerson has served as deputy chief since 2019. Before joining the Board, she was an interrogator and counter-intelligence agent with the US Army. After the September 11 terrorist attacks, she served as a deputy task officer with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force for two years.

In the appointment statement, Gibson said, “Deputy Chief Torgerson’s impressive career with the Gaming Control Board, the military, and the federal law enforcement should give Nevadans confidence in the safety and integrity of gaming as she begins to lead the Enforcement Division.”

The chairman highlighted that Torgerson would protect and secure Nevada’s residents and visitors from cheap theft, manipulation of slot machines, and global cyber security issues. He also added that the new chief would protect the benefits of the gaming industry to Silver State’s economy.

In her new role, Torgerson will lead the Enforcement Division, the law enforcement arm of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. She is expected to maintain the five offices across the state.

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