MGCB seizes over 50 gambling machines and $12,000

Michigan gambling news

Michigan gambling news

Michigan authorities have doubled their efforts toward eliminating illegal gambling operations in Detroit, resulting in the seizures of 56 gaming machines and over $12,700 in illegal gambling profits.

The Michigan Department of Attorney, in conjunction with the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), conducted four raids for illegal gambling activities on September 28 and September 29 at the Taylor and Allen Park Metro Detroit gas stations, the Redford Township store, and a Flint store.

The investigations that took place specifically targeted multiple gas stations that were allegedly undergoing illegal gambling operations. The locations of the illicit gas stations were precisely at 19350 Ecorse Road in Allen Park, The Hot Spot, 5542 Fenton Road in Mundy Township, 25845 Eight Mile Road in Redford Township, and 8808 Pelham Road in Taylor.

The investigation results by the Michigan gaming authorities led to the confiscation of one slot-style gaming machine and two coin pushers from Redford Township, Taylor, and Allen Park gas stations.

The coin pushers apparently got enough customer engagement due to their relatively easy-to-play gaming mechanic. Players would insert a coin into the machine to play and have a chance of winning cash, coins, or chips, which the device would eject.

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The state authorities had confiscated over $3,200 found inside the coin pushers and another $290 located inside the slot gaming machines.

In addition, the investigation also yielded the removal of one gaming machine from each gas station and over 50 gaming machines from the Mundy Township storefront.

According to the MCGB investigation reports, the store in Mundy allegedly allowed customers to play casino games while also purchasing overpriced food items and other products. The customers who made purchases in the Mundy store engaged in “promotional” gameplay issued by the store and had the chance to earn cash awards when they won a game.

Consequently, the Michigan authorities confiscated $9,141 thousand in cash when they issued search warrants executed at the Mundy store on September 29th. The Redford Township Police Department, in conjunction with the Allen Park Police Department, played a crucial role in the search warrant execution.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board Executive Director, Henry Williams, commented on the growing rate of illegal gambling in the state and encouraged more citizens to work with them by informing them of any perceived illicit gambling activities.

“We’ve seen an increasing number of complaints about alleged illegal gambling, and we appreciate the help received from citizens who call our tip line at 888-314-2682,” he said.

“The MGCB works closely with local law enforcement agencies to investigate alleged illegal gambling locations, which do not provide the protections associated with legal, regulated gaming and can bring unwanted crime to neighborhoods.”

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