Online casino promises zero house edge future

Online casino house edge

The future of online gaming could mean an end to the sinister house edge.

As punter mistrust rises and online casinos battle an ever-increasing demand for more transparency, a new type of casino could completely redefine the way people see and approach the industry.

The very first decentralised Ethereum smart contract-based casino – Edgeless – promises to offer a 0% house edge.

Zero house edge online casinos
Could we really see an online casino with zero house edge in the future?
This is possible through smart contracts, in which everything that happens within the online casino – primarily related to Random Number Generators (RNG) – will be transparent and view-able by all users.

That will prove to be a winner for the idea, which is feeding into punter mistrust and a market demand for more open gambling practices, even from online casinos that fall within regulated jurisdictions.

Regulated casinos are bound by law to provide fair play, but players can still never be sure: there’s always a risk. This new zero-percent house edge casino (which is actually 0.83% in practice, because you can never discount poor punter play) will completely stamp out RNG errors, corruption and any other unfair dealings, as everything will be open and seen by those viewing the casino’s backend servers.

So how does a casino with no house edge make money? Edgeless will make its money exclusively through poor play. That’s what ultimately gives it that slight technical house edge: no “edge” is what gives it an edge, if that makes sense.

In offering pure transparency as to the inner-workings of RNGs, it hopes to attract more players that are prepared to gamble at larger and faster rates, therefore increasing the potential of player error.

Ultimately, rather than a mathematical edge over time, the Edgeless casino will win on players getting too comfortable with the edgeless aspect of the casino.

It hopes to offer edgeless blackjack games, before eventually moving to edgeless dice and video poker.

The casino’s servers can be accessed by anyone thanks to the Ethereum Smart Contract, and the company behind the idea hopes to build a platform for developers with which they can easily take the tools to create fully transparent casinos.

Author’s Opinion

It’s interesting that the idea of pure transparency is ultimately what gives the “edgeless” casino its “house edge”, even if it’s not really a house edge in this case.

There is always doubt regarding online casinos, and while the industry is heavily regulated, and unfair and cheating casinos are always caught out, it’s understandable that a player may be hesitant to deposit or play large sums of money.

While this new Edgeless casino may potentially feed into fears of corruptible RNGs, it still stands to be an innovative online casino that will benefit both players and online casino providers in the future … if it does all that it promises.

In the meantime, leading real money online casinos – such as BetOnline Casino – offer low edges for online blackjack, baccarat, craps, video poker and heaps of old favourites.

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