Roulette betting systems

Roulette betting systems

Roulette is a game of luck, but this doesn’t stop players from wanting a system of strategy to rely on for wins when playing. Here are some popular strategies roulette players swear by, how they work, and why they don’t.

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The best advice we can give, before we get into all the popular systems and strategies available, is that anyone advertising a system that ensures a guaranteed win is lying. There is no such thing as a sure win strategy with casino games, especially roulette. These people just want to take your money, so it’s best to stick to the free strategies on offer, but remember these aren’t a sure thing either.

However, if there is a guaranteed strategy in lowering house edge odds and winning more, it’s playing European or French roulette over American roulette. The American title has a house edge 5.26%, while the European wheel has 2.7% and French roulette as a little as 1.35%, if the ‘La Partage’ rule is in play.

Martingale system

This is a very well known strategy, but this doesn’t mean it is a good one. It involves increasing your bet every time you lose with the aim that you will make back any losses plus a net profit.

For example, if you place a $10 bet and lose, you then double it and place a $20 bet. If you lose again, you double it again to $40. If you win here then you’ve made up for you losses of $30 plus a $10 net profit. It can be used anywhere on the table, but it has its disadvantages.

Drawbacks: This system really can only work in the short term and if you have a large bankroll. You can be out of money very quickly.

Reverse Martingale system

As the name implies, this strategy is the reverse of the Martingale system in that you increase your bet every time you win, but you only bet on even money bets. For example, you place $10 on red, if it wins then you place $20 on red again, and continue until you lose where you start again with your initial bet.

You can win quite a bit if you get on a winning streak, but some players might not know when to stop.

Drawbacks: You can’t use this system anywhere on the table as you are placing repetitive bets. Additionally, players struggle to walk away when they are on a roll and therefore lose all their winnings.

Cover the Table

We’ve all heard someone say if you just bet on everything you surely have to come up a winner, but unfortunately it doesn’t work this way. So while we call this the Cover the Table system, in actual fact it should be called the Cover most of the Table system.

There are quite a few options on the table in terms of the system too. These include covering all 35 numbers, or covering 17 splits, or 11 streets, or five double streets, or numbers one to 18 and the third dozen numbers, or finally covering four splits and two columns.

Drawbacks: It is quite unlikely to cover even some of the table and make a profit at the same time.

Fibonacci system

This system is less risky than the Martingale so it is quite popular. Interestingly, it is based on a mathematical system. Players start out with a number and then add two of the previous numbers to get the next number. For example, if you start at 1, then your next number will be 1, then 2, then 3, then five, then eight, and so on.

You can only use it on even money bets including even odd, red black, the first 18 numbers and the second 18 numbers. You then start out betting with your first number as the bet and continue along the Fibonacci system until you win.

Drawbacks: The longer you use the Fibonacci system the more you lose, but the reason it is preferred is your loss won’t be as big as it would be if you played the Martingale system for the same time. You can get a profit, but only if you’re lucky, which all systems tend to require.

Oscar’s Grind

This system is very popular as it is quite simple. Once again it is an even money betting system in roulette. The system is made up of four stages. Every time you win you increase your bet by your initial bet amount. For example, you bet $10 on red, it wins, you bet $20, it wins, you bet $30, and you win again so you bet $40. If you win or lose, you still go back to your initial bet.

This system works with the intention of making a profit of your initial bet every time you win, but you have to go back to your initial bet any time you lose.

Drawbacks: Like many systems, after a few losses it will set you back a fair bit. If you don’t set yourself a limit when to stop you could end up losing quite a bit.

The Red System

This is an interesting roulette strategy as it works by relying on the third column on the roulette layout having eight red numbers, and just four black numbers.

You are requires to place $5 on the third column and a $10 insurance bet on black. The outcomes are you either break even (column bet wins but insurance bet loses), win $20 (black number in third column wins), win $5 (black number in the first two columns wins) or lose $15 (lands on zero, or double zero).

As you can see there are quite a number of outcomes with only two garnering you a profit and one garnering you a substantial profit.

Drawbacks: You have to be playing a roulette variant that allows the insurance bet. Additionally, as with other betting systems over the long term they can end up seeing a bigger loss than you anticipated in association to the number of bets you make.

Where to play roulette for the best odds

There are plenty of sure-fire ways and types of bets to lower the odds and play and win roulette with favourable rules for the player. As mentioned prior, European and French roulette’s house edge (2.7% and 1.35%, respectively) versus American double-zero’s 5.26% is always something to be mindful of.

Single-zero tables, and those with French ‘La Partage’ rules tend to be hard to find in land-based casinos, but thankfully online casino sites have wisened up to the demand and have made both variations widely available.

All of our favourite real money casinos we recommend here have European and French games, including those run by live dealers streamed over the Web to your computer and mobile screens – especially great for players who prefer the social aspect you get with playing at the roulette tables, instead of an RNG game.

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