UK Gambling Commission releases business plan for next 12 months

United Kingdom gambling news

UKGC release report business strategy for 2018-19THE United Kingdom Gambling Commission has outlined its business plan for 2018-2019 financial year.

The regulator has vowed to continue to improve the way it governs the industry, including protecting consumers, raising standards across the board in gambling and optimising the way lotteries profits are expended on charities.

“Our ambitious plans for the next 12 months and beyond are designed to enable us to continue to respond to emerging risks and issues in a way that balances consumer choice and enjoyment with the risks associated with gambling, and the impact on wider society,” Chair of the Gambling Commission William Moyes said.

“Our strategy and plans will deliver real change for consumers, the gambling industry and for us as the regulator. Our aim is to make gambling fairer and safer and to raise standards across the industry.”

The Gambling Commission has previously announced a three year strategy, with this business plan release the first of three over the plotted path.

Under the plan the Commission is urging the industry to provide protections and control measures on new products from the outset, allowing them to intervene on problem consumers much quicker.

The three year plan, titled Strategy: 2018-2021 includes a vision of what the UKGC hopes to achieve over this period, including turning around a growing public distrust of gambling.

The Commission also acknowledges the need to begin preparing for the UK’s departure from the European Economic Union, where they have fostered a close relationship with many European online casino and sportsbook operators, who also jointly hold their accreditation.

The ability to work with other regulatory bodies in Europe post-Brexit is also of utmost importance moving forward, according to the 28 page document.

The Commission has also vowed to study the health impacts problem gambling has on society.

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