America’s Mega Millions jackpot jumps up to $640 million

On Wednesday, the Mega Millions jackpot increased to $640 million ($328 million in cash) after a second drawing went by without a winner.

Tuesday night’s $565 million Mega Millions jackpot, which resulted in no one taking home the top prize, made it a streak of 21 drawings without a match of all six numbers, which included the golden Mega Ball, which held the figure 11, and the white balls 9, 13, 36, 59, and 61.

Less than two months have passed since the highest lottery win in history—a $2.04 billion Powerball prize in California on November 8. Although, up until now, the winner has not claimed the prize.

This Mega Millions jackpot of $640 million will be the largest prize to be presented during the last week of any year; however, in terms of being the largest jackpot ever, it comes just after the US$1.5 million jackpot, which was won on October 23, 2018 by a South Carolina ticket buyer.

“That was the second-largest Mega Millions jackpot ever won, with the biggest one being 1.5 million US dollars jackpot, which was claimed by a South Carolina ticket buyer in the October 23, 2018, drawing,” lottery officials said.

The lottery officials stated that in the 20-year span of the lottery, the Mega Millions prize has exceeded 600,000,000 USD just five times. The most recent instance occurred on July 29, when an unidentified partnership bought a ticket in Illinois for 1.3 billion US dollars, or roughly 780 million US dollars in cash. They added that all huge lottery prizes are enormous because long odds imply that few people win, and lottery failure allows jackpots to increase week after week.

“The Mega Millions jackpot was over 600 million US dollars only five times in the 20-year long history of the lottery. It last happened on July 29 when an anonymous partnership purchased a ticket in Illinois to win 1.3 billion US dollars, which is approximately 780 million US dollars in cash,” according to lottery officials.

“All big lottery prizes are big because long odds ensure there are few winners and the long streaks of lottery futility allow jackpots to grow even larger week after week.”

The lottery website also added that it could be a great New Year’s present for whoever ends up winning it.

“…and could provide someone with a very happy New Year’s celebration,” they wrote.

Jackpot winners have a choice between two withdrawal options: only one cash payment or an annual option that provides them with an initial payment and 29 annual instalments.

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