Luxembourg Online Casinos

Luxembourg Online Casinos

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe and, in addition to this, it’s one of the smallest gambling nations, too. This is basically due to the fact there is just a single gambling complex within the country, known as Casino 2000.

Like much of the world Luxembourg citizens are free to gamble at online gambling sites based in other countries, although it is worth noting that it is illegal to operate a casino from Luxembourg irrespective of its target market.

United States Luxembourg casino sites

Luxembourg casino sites

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Gambling online in Luxembourg

Most forms of online gambling from within Luxembourg are considered to be illegal, although the laws about this only impact domestic businesses. Therefore, players opting to access gambling at online sites based in other countries are not prosecuted in any way.

Online casino gambling is not specifically regulated by the gambling laws within Luxembourg. However, it is considered to be included within the ban on all forms of gambling – although, there are exceptions to this rule.

Two laws that may affect online casino gambling in Luxembourg are the 1977 and 2009 Gaming Laws. Of course, online gambling wasn’t possible back in 1977, so this has very little effect on it. Yet, the Gaming Law of 2009 does speak of online gambling as being “any form of lotteries and sports betting organised by the information society services/tools”. This only really affects the national lottery. And as far as the 1977 law is concerned, the government may opt to authorise certain gambling activities if it is in the interest of tourism in the country.

Online casino games

With plenty of online casinos willing to accept customers from Luxembourg, it often comes down to the choice of games available. Most online casinos will have a great selection of games, with these including both slots and table games. Often, live dealer tables are the best option for those looking to play casino classics, but slots players will also find upwards of 500 real money games. One casino, has over 2000 slots games from many different software providers available to Luxembourgers.

Euro deposits for Luxembourg players

The Euro is a popular currency and exists as an available, playable currency at most online casinos. Therefore, if a resident of Luxembourg opts to access a foreign-based platform to be able to play casino games, the Euro currency will most likely be available to select. Deposits made to these casinos will ensure that players are able to place bets in their national currency. Multiple different payment methods are able to be used in order to do this. This means players from Luxembourg aren’t especially restricted in this respect. So, some of the possible payment methods that you can use from Luxembourg include:

History of gambling

To put things simply, gambling in Luxembourg is legal but very strictly regulated. The gambling industry within the country dates all the way back to the 1880s, which is when the Casino Bourgeois opened its doors. However, in the 20th century, gambling was made an illegal activity, which lasted right up until 1970. Even now, there is just a single casino within Luxembourg, which is the Casino 2000 Montdorf.

Other than this, the only other regulated available gambling possibility is the national lottery of the country – Loterie Nationale. This has its own history too, dating back to 1945. However, this is a non-profit lottery, with all proceeds from it being given to healthcare and cultural institutions.

At the sole land-based casino, players can find all of the standard games – slots, poker, table games and more. Of course, with this being the only licensed and legal land-based casino in the country, you can tell how strongly regulated things are in Luxembourg. No other establishment has been able to secure a licence for themselves in order to be able to operate there, which is why Casino 2000 remains as the sole provider of such games. In fact, land-based gambling may be considered legal in Luxembourg, but you won’t find anything like bingo halls or poker rooms. Poker is only able to be played at the aforementioned casino.

Online casino & gambling laws in Luxembourg

The online gambling world in Luxembourg is a little bit more complicated, as there are certain exceptions to the illegal status of online wagering in the country. For example, sports betting is a highly popular pastime in Luxembourg, and this was made one of the exceptions to the ban on online gambling. Again, only licensed operators can provide sports betting to residents of the country – this goes for both online and offline operations. The only other exception to the gambling laws in Luxembourg is the previously mentioned lottery.

As far as online casinos are concerned, these are not something that the country deems to be legal. So, any sites opening up from within Luxembourg are completely illegal and won’t even be considered for a licence. Alas, should players really want to participate in online gambling, they can sign up to an offshore platform instead. The government doesn’t stop its citizens from registering at these sites, nor do they block any of them. With this being the case, many players from within Luxembourg are accepted at foreign-based platforms.

So, even though there aren’t any domestic operations in place for online casino gambling, gamers still have a strong selection of foreign-based sites to sign up to and enjoy. In addition, many of these online platforms are available to view in different languages, including both German and sometimes French. This means that players from this country will be able to navigate their way around such with ease. And as mentioned earlier, most of them also accept Euro deposits and allow members to place bets in Euros too.

Luxembourg geography

Officially known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this country is a small landlocked nation in western Europe. The capital of the country – Luxembourg City – is one of the three official capitals of the European Union, working alongside Brussels and Strasbourg. What’s more, it has three official languages – French, German and Luxembourgish. Throughout the years of World War II, Luxembourg acted as a strong mediator between Germany and France, and it was this that was partially responsible for the founding of the European Union.

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