Real money skill-based games coming soon to Google Play store

Royal Wins skill-based real money gaming

Sydney-based developer Royal Wins is putting the finishing touches on Krystals Kashout, a skill-based game it hopes will attract a millennial audience with an otherwise lacking interest in traditional online casino games.

Royal Wins skill-based games developerThe “lost generation”, as Royal Wins calls it, tends to favour skill-based games that reward players based on how well they perform as opposed to offering prizes based purely on chance.

Set to hit the Android app store Google Play later this month, and with an iOS launch possible in the future pending App Store approval, Royal Wins is confident players will flock to the portable mobile game to test their skills and potentially win real money rewards.

“With Krystals Kashout we take our product to the next level so players can win real money on their mobile devices. It’s a double bonus,” creative director, Myles Blasonato, said in a statement. “They don’t need to head all the way to the casino, it’s in their hands, and their skill plays a part in their results and not just dumb luck.”

Royal Wins is certainly no stranger to the online casino game, and it’s a revered pioneer of skill and chance-based casino games across the web, desktops and mobile devices.

It utilises proprietary dynamic RTP balancing, 3D game engine development, artificial intelligence, smart data, and mobile technologies that it hopes will disrupt the online gambling industry.

With Kash Karnival, Royal Wins says the return-to-player values will be “wound tighter”, and that there will be aggressive security measures in place not otherwise offered in its other games.

“We want to create a safe and fair environment,” says digital marketer Michael Moretti, “so we’ve had to make sure to put the right systems in place.”

Namely, Kash Karnival will require a 100-point ID verification check in order for players to withdraw any winnings. Once that’s confirmed, they’ll be able to deposit straight into a nominated bank account.

Kash Karnival is expected to hit the Google Play Store later this month.

Our opinion on Royal Wins skill-based real money gaming

As a gamer, the idea of a skill-based casino game is incredibly appealing. The research is clear in that millennials are not big gamblers, mainly due to the demographic preferring to engage with challenging and skill-based games, rather than traditional slots that require no skill. I wouldn’t be surprised if major online casinos jump on the bandwagon and start supporting and hosting games like this, especially as it opens the door to what is otherwise an untapped demographic for the industry.

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