Gambling industry bouncing back in Spain, recruitment drive begins

Casino Marbella has got on a hiring spree for summer

THE gambling industry in Spain appears to be bouncing back, with a prominent casino in Andalusia hiring over 20 new dealers.

Andalusia, Spain’s autonomous region is experiencing a surge in activity, prompting Cirsa’s Casino Marbella to hire approximately two dozen additional dealers.

The Casino Marbella, in Spain’s autonomous Andalusia region, has its own croupier training program, which re-opened in March of this year. The training program sees those who deliver and perform well offered a job at the casino and with predictions of a booming tourist season in the region, it is expected gambling will ramp up as well.

According to a press statement from Casino Marbella, 25 students successfully passed the final examination in the casino’s first return course, which ended last month. The trainee croupiers will now be employees of the Casino Marbella team.

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In past years, the casino training program rotated between several types of gaming rules, however this year it will take a new approach and will simply focus on blackjack.

The free courses are only available for three months, and not everyone qualifies. For example, there were 36 students enrolled in this initial course, with 11 of them not reaching the final cutoff mark.

Andalusia promotes casinos by providing educational opportunities.

On a provincial and national level, Spain is establishing new gambling policies to police the industry. It does, however, acknowledge the importance of the gaming industry to the economy, as one of the most regular sources of revenue is gambling.

Andalusia’s sovereign community promotes casinos through education. To help advance the efforts, the Andalusian Center for Integral Training of the Leisure Industries in the municipality of Mijas has formed a Social Council.

This corresponds to the start of its function as a national reference center (CRN). As a result, it integrates with the Andalusian Employment Service’s network of schools (SAE).

This summer season is expected to be steamy on Spain’s southern coast, which suggests that casino activities will be intense as well.

The Casino Marbella is located in the coastal town of Marbella, which attracts the rich and famous. It’s a chance to stumble into celebrities like Terrence Howard and Amaury Nolasco, as well as Prince Albert and others.

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