Gemix pokies review

Gemix pokies review

Gemix by Play’n Go barely resembles any pokies game we have ever seen before. Rather than the usual reels and rows, we are greeted with a 7×7 grid that looks similar to a game of Tetris, which it could very well be inspired by.

United States Try Gemix at recommended Play'n Go casino sites

Try Gemix at recommended Play'n Go casino sites

How to play Gemix

Gemix has a 7×7 grid that can be explained as 7 reels and 7 rows, which is incredibly unique for a slot machine. It looks strikingly similar to Bejeweled or Candy Crush (mobile games), with the bright colourful background and reels of gems to match. The soundtrack is quite light and fun, which definitely matches the ambience of the slot machine.

The main aim of the game, besides winning, is to spin a group of five or more gems of the same colour, which can be created in any manner except for diagonally.

You can only play in credits on this slot machine and not coins.

Gemix online pokies for real money

  • Coin sizes: $0.50, $0.70, $1.00, $1.50, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100
  • Minimum bet per spin: $0.50
  • Maximum bet per spin: $100
  • Scatter: No
  • Wild: Yes (three different Wilds, a miner’s lamp, a lollypop, and a spell book for the three worlds)
  • Bonus rounds: Yes (four mini level bonuses and three world changes)
  • Free spins: No
  • Jackpot: $500
  • RTP: 96.75%

Gemix bonus features and symbols

The array of symbols include red love hearts, yellow stars, pink crescent moons, and more colourful shaped gems, with each offering a payout if you spin a group of at least five of the same gems. The more you manage to spin, the bigger the payout, with the biggest payout of $500 if you spin 15 gold stars.

There are three Worlds which you can travel to in this slot and with every World comes a different Wild.

The Worlds and the Wild symbols: There are three different Worlds including the Miner’s World, the Princess’ World, and the Wizard’s Wold and when the Worlds are triggered at random their corresponding Wilds will fall onto the reels randomly after non-winning spins.

The three Wilds include:

Gemix online slots wild symbols

  • Miner’s World: The Wild is the miner’s lamp and up to 10 can appear
  • Princess’ World: The Wild is the lollypop and will appear across the grid
  • Wizard World: The Wild is spell book and up to eight can appear as Sticky Wilds

Along with the Worlds of Wilds, there are two more bonus features to this game.

  • Cascading Reels: The symbols fall or cascade into place rather than spin into place and when you match five or more symbols they explode and more symbols will cascade in their place to create another chance at winning. But that’s not all; on every win after your first you will receive a multiplier on every successful cascade.
  • Crystal Charge Meter: On every win, a charger meter will also begin to fill up and once it has reached its maximum one of five possibilities will occur;
    • Chain Lightning: Two symbols in the corner will link up and every corner in between will turn the same colour
    • Light Beam: Rays of light shoot horizontally and vertically to turn symbols into the same colour
    • Crystal Warp: A symbol is picked at random and every symbol of that colour is changed to the predominant colour on the grid
    • Nova Blast: A symbol is randomly selected and it explodes, taking out adjacent symbols so more can fall in its place
    • Super Charged Crystal: The crystal is supercharged and a multiplier of 3x is attached to every win

    The meter fills up on consecutive wins, but will be erased once you land a non-winning spin.

Where to play Gemix

You will be able to find Gemix at, our top online and mobile casino for video slots like Gemix.

If you opened this slot up on your computer, you will notice that it almost seems like it was made for a smartphone or tablet – which could be the case since Play’n Go are experts in mobile slots. Play this on your Apple, Android, Blackberry, or Windows device for a real money alternative to Tetris on the go. You can also click or tap on our other recommended online casinos that also offer Gemix, such as:

OCS verdict on Gemix slot game

As we have reiterated throughout the article, this slot seems more like a game of Tetris than a slot, except for the fact that we can win real money. The lack of free spins is a let down, though the re-spins that occur after a win does make up for this. While there isn’t a huge jackpot to be won, it is an entertaining online pokie and the regular wins kept our bankroll balanced.

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