Online casinos in Africa

Online casinos in Africa

Gambling on casino games is a popular pastime throughout Africa, with more and more punters placing real money bets online as Internet penetration rates grow steadily throughout the continent. Online gambling laws and the casino sites you can play at vary from country to country, so we’ve provided informative online gambling guides for the different African countries where online casinos are most prevalent.

Online casinos in Kenya

Online gambling is a thriving new industry in Kenya, and although the online sports betting market takes the cake, online casinos are becoming more prevalent as more players try their luck on games of chance like slots and roulette, or hone their skills on card games like blackjack and poker. With smartphone accessibility also on the rise, Kenyan’s are also starting to place bets on the go at mobile casino sites. Read our Kenyan online casino guide to find out more about the online casinos that cater to Kenyan players and the safe KES deposit options for real money wagers.

Online casinos in Uganda

Uganda is one of the world’s most remote landlocked countries and has a troubled political past, but with an economy that’s showing positive signs of growth over recent years, there has been a steady rise in the popularity of both real life and online gambling. Playing at online casino sites is legal, but as Internet penetration rates are low there hasn’t been much done to regulate the industry and there has been plenty of instances of online casino scams in Uganda. Read our Uganda online casino guide to learn more about Uganda’s gambling laws and the safe casino sites accepting real money UGX players.

Online casinos in South Africa

South Africa may be the home to some of the world’s finest land based casinos including GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World, Sun City Casino and Wild Coast Sun Resort & Casino, but the choices are limited when it comes to online casinos. The South African government has introduced some hefty fines for offshore gambling operators servicing South African players without an SA-issued license, but there are some gambling sites legally licensed to operate within South Africa. Read our South African online casino guide to find out more.

Online casinos in Namibia

Namibia is a relatively young country and its first gambling laws were only established in 1994 with the introduction of the Casino and Gambling House Act. While several land based casinos and hundreds of small gambling houses have been licensed to operate in Namibia, low Internet penetration rates mean the laws have not been updated to include online gambling and therefore many online casino sites happily accept Namibian players. Read our Namibian online casino guide to learn more about Namibia’s online gambling laws and safe casino sites.

Best online casinos in Nigeria

Much like the rest of Africa, Nigeria does not truly have laws addressing online casinos which means residents are free to play at offshore online casinos. Why can’t you play at one hosted in Nigeria you ask? The local government unfortunately does not issue online casino licenses, instead the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission and other bodies within Nigeria deal with sports betting and lotteries, which are both regulated. This means Nigerians can play at casinos licensed in places like the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Malta and many other jurisdictions. With this country considered to be a huge growth area for online wagering expect more and more promotions and bonuses to be targeted at Nigerians.

Online casinos in Côte d’Ivoire

West Africa’s Ivory Coast has a legal and regulated casino industry, with sports betting and national lotteries popular with Côte d’Ivoire residents. Like many other African countries, Côte d’Ivoire’s laws have not been properly updated to cover the widespread use of the Internet and there is no legislation restricting nationals from gambling online. With no laws stipulating the legality of gambling on the Internet, many casino sites accept real money players from Côte d’Ivoire. Read our Côte d’Ivoire online casino guide to learn more.

Zimbabwe online casinos

Located in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe online casino players have plenty of options when it comes to wagering for real money. While the sports betting industry in this country is regulated, online casinos don’t have this luxury, instead players from here are forced to gamble with companies licensed elsewhere. There are so many great online casino options for Zimbabwe punters that will accept a multitude of currencies commonly used in this country.