Job boom expected for Gold Coast if Spit Casino project approved

Analysts have estimated the $3 billion projected casino project on the Gold Coast will be the start of a job and population boom that will benefit locals.

The Spit casino project consists of plans for an integrated resort featuring a world class casino, multiple hotel towers, apartment towers, retail outlets, restaurants, 1200 seat amphitheatre, public piazza, conference facilities, public beaches and a waterfall.

Gold Coast casino project creates job boom An analysis conducted by business management consultants MacroPlan Dimasi estimated that if approved, the project will create around 4,100 new jobs during the construction period, and 9,100 new ongoing jobs once the integrated resort is operational.

Locals are expected to be the big winners, with 80% of the construction jobs expected to be filled by Gold Coast residents and those looking to re-locate to the area from interstate.

Chairman of MacroPlan Dimasi Brian Haratsis, said, “This will also create employment opportunities for others to come here and work, including some specialised professionals. Because it is an integrated resort, it would not just involve jobs for one industry so there would be a full spectrum of employment and many different job profiles.”

Of the estimated 13,000 ongoing positions the development is set to create, jobs will be in the following departments:

  • 4100 construction services
  • 3550 arts and recreation services
  • 2175 accommodation and food services
  • 1200 retail trade
  • 775 professional, scientific and technical services
  • 600 health care and social assistance
  • 300 transport, postal and warehousing
  • 250 information, media and telecommunications
  • 250 rental, hiring, real estate and other services

Mr Haratsis stated, “The Gold Coast Integrated Resort represents a substantial and long-term employment hub for the Gold Coast and southeast Queensland.

“Based on our jobs analysis for the latest concept plan, the project has the potential to keep skilled workers in the region and provide thousands of world-class opportunities for the local workforce. It will also stimulate training, education and upskilling opportunities across the state, creating new careers for existing and future generations.”

The casino project, led by ASF Consortiums, is currently awaiting approval from the Queensland government. Full plans for the project were released in late 2016 and the integrated resort must now go through community consultation before on official submission is completed midway through the year. If it gets the go-ahead, construction is expected to begin in 2019.

Despite the promise of ongoing jobs and a positive boost to the economy, community groups have vowed to fight the proposal.

Those wanting to have their say can contact the [email protected] or phone 1800 941 127. Community information sessions are being planned for mid-March.

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